Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's 8 months between friends?

Waaay back in March I posted about the gravel art, or Mosette Boutif, piece I created. Here's a picture of it as a reminder

At the time, I invited readers to guess the origins of the shapes used in creating the piece. Jenny was right on the money, with her guess that it was inspired by the game Loco Roco (possibly my favorite video game of all time!)

I intended the post to set up for a little giveaway. For months and months now I have fought my guilt of alternately not having time to put together a package for Jenny and not being able to think of the right thing to send. I wanted the package to have a friend theme, as I indicated in the original post that the person who guessed correctly should probably be my bestie. But, since Jenny and I are not truly best friends, I didn't want to send a package that would make her think I was some kind of super freak stalker weird-o.

One night sifting through my box of odds and ends, I thought of a way to make the friend theme work. Here is what I came up with

These items were all individually wrapped with a note completing the phrase What friends do -They
1) Write letters to each other ( stationery)

2) Grow together (flower seeds)

3) Gossip (slam book)

4) Do their nails (nail poilsh and emery board)

5) Play jokes (chattering teeth)

6) Play games (jax)

7) Have tea parties (tea with handmade tags like these)

8) Go shopping (dress up stickers)

9) Share treats (Candy)

10) Make pacts (not shown - frienship bracelet from this etsy seller)


11) Keep their promises. For this I made Jenny a mini mosette boutif of the flower the Loco Roco eat in the game

Please enjoy, Friend! So very sorry it took so long!


Mrs. Ryan said...

Dang! You beat me to it!! Thank you so so so much for my super fun package, it really made my day. I love it all!!!

leslie said...

fantastic! better late than never!

Jane said...

The title is almost a direct quote (if not a direct quote) from one of my favorite children's books- Traveling to Tondo have you read it?