Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The votes are in

Please oh please let this be an accurate predictor of the election results!

After 8 years of "cowboy," the prospect of 4 years of "maverick" sets me in a panic. Like - not joking kind of panic. Like I will have to do some serious evaluation of what it means to be an American and live in this country if McCain and his incompetent sidekick pull this one off kind of panic.

The Scholastic News Election - ah - of that I have fond memories. It was seventh grade, the Bush Sr. - Dukakis election. I was rooting for the underdog, Michael Dukakis. I pleaded my case to fellow classmates as to why he should be president, but to no avail. Bush won at our school, and, of course, nationwide.

I later had Mr. Dukakis as a college professor, and he enjoyed hearing the story of a young campaigner who supported her candidate through thick and thin and pictures of him sitting in a tank. Was this picture really the reason Dukakis didn't have a chance at winning the election? I never really understood that one.

Go Dems!


Jane said...

I have fond memories of voting in the Weekly Reader election in Kinder. I remember because I talked to my dad and he told me he was voting for Carter so I did too.

Have you seen all the cute baby onesies for Obama? My favorite was the O logo with a baby face in the middle. The slogan was "Oh Mama! I need a change!

telfair said...

YEAH DEMS!! I am 100% in agreement!

Donna said...

That's pretty cool that you actually got to know Dukakis later in your life.

Heidi said...

I campaigned for Obama when he ran for the U.S. Senate since I live in Illinois. Now I drive to Indiana to hopefully turn that red state blue. This is the first time I've had real hope about a politician. GObama!

leslie said...

i think i had a dukakis at my school, one of the kids...i will look that up sometime. go obama!!!

CYNCIALifornia said...

Good thing we're family, otherwise we'd have to fight over this one.

Love ya! :)