Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two weeks past cute

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling "cute pregnant" with my Butterball round belly (he is a Thanksgiving baby, after all). I suggested we take some pictures to document this important time. Well, we didn't get to it then, and since that time I have entered the not-so-cute phase of pregnancy...ugh

I tried to look like I am still having fun

And keep my moans and groans to myself

Please pardon my swollen hands and feet.

and thank your lucky stars that this ribbon is covering my gross wrinkly belly button

Thanks, Babe, for documeting our last few weeks of you and me before baby makes three


Emy said...

You're still cute.
I remember feeling like that too though. When people walked in and were like "You're huge!" or "Are you sure you're not having twins?", it sure didn't help. :D
It's totally worth it, by the way. But I'm sure you know that.

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful and I can't wait to meet the little guy. I love all of your pictures. You guys will make a great family.

Love ya,

Jenn #2

shanna said...

i think you're super cute! i only have 2 pictures that document my being prego (one at 4 months and one about a month before i gave birth). i wasn't feeling the picture taking at all! it's good you documented!!

Donna said...

I think you are still cute pregnant, you look lovely!

There was a woman who worked at a thrift shop I went to a lot when I pregnant with my second and every time I'd go there she'd announce You're even bigger than the last time! Well, yeah--the baby pretty much keeps growing.

telfair said...

You look ADORABLE! Stop with the negative self talk! If you could have seen MY feet and hands, you would have known what swollen was all about!

Thanks for sharing the pics!

leslie said...

oh my god!!!!! we are so exited over here at our house!! cute pix and cant wait to meet the little guy!! lots of xoxoxoxo sent to you and we need to get together soon!!
miss you!

flurogoddess said...

love that last pic! Fabbu.

Allie said...

You look gorgeous!

Jane said...

Those pictures are wonderful. What a lucky baby to be!

Anne said...

One day you will think you looked cute. I think you look cute.

mascanlon said...

Enjoy these next few weeks, you look adorable and the little guy will someday really love seeing these shots of himself and Mom and Dad...before baby made three!