Sunday, October 05, 2008


Without a dining room table or any surface in the house that would work to put Halloween decorations out this year, the only area of the house worth decorating is the front door. Even that is going to be a little barren this year. It's hard to plan for the upcoming holidays, not knowing if the little guy will plan to make his appearance early. My mom and I joke that it is difficult not to buy a My First Halloween outfit, just in case (Note: I did find a My First Thanksgiving onesie at Walmart. I guess another "positive" of having gestational diabetes is knowing I will be induced on my due date of November 17, ready or not.)

So, here is a wreath I made for the front door using directions for recycled crafts found on the San Diego Zoo website

Talk about recycled - the wire hanger was found at work in the parking lot. Before you get the wrong idea about what a hanger would be doing in the parking lot - I work at a place that houses a maintenance yard, and the guys wear uniforms that come on hangers, which they throw all over the place. Geesh.


LeeAnn said...

Cute idea! When I was in college I found a wire hanger in the door of my car. Whoever tried to jimmy my car got it stuck. Luckly some very nice gentlemen who worked at my college machine shop removed it for me at no charge. Your due date is getting so close! I'm wishing you well!

leslie said...

oh man, that is way cool recycled!!! my dad always stopped for stuff in the road (i got a cool jacket that way as a kid and he got tons of tools that way) shhhh dont tell!