Monday, October 13, 2008


One of the fun parts about getting the nursery ready is incorporating some nostalgic pieces. I have easier access to my baby stuff, thanks to my dad's super organization and the fact that he kept EVERYTHING! But, you know, a lot of it is girl stuff, which doesn't really do much good right now.

I managed to find a few things that represent the two of us, like

Our baby blankets. I had the Raggedy Ann and Andy one and the gingham one with the animals on it, that was presumably made by my grandma. I retied the yarn on the gingham one, and still need to give it a good soak. The little pitiful thing down in the righthand corner is BT's baby blanket. I disassembled it last night. It needs new batting, a REALLY good soak, and a few patches. The work is worth it, though, to have a little bit of each of us in the nursery.

A little well-loved stuffed elephant (mine). The sock monkey was a gift from BT for our first Christmas, so I guess it has nostalgic value as well.

Old books (mostly mine - the One Monster After Another, by Mercer Meyer, was BT's favorite book growing up. It's pretty hard to find and can be pricey, but we tracked it down on Ebay sometime ago)

We are still working on the nursery overall. There are a couple structural things (some post I will have to tell you about all of the work involved to get each bedroom ready to be inhabited - oy), and lots of little details. But, if Baby decided to make an early appearance, the room is at least functional (and babies don't really care about details, anyway).

So, I had planned to do the big nursery reveal all at once, but I really can't wait to show you how incredible the closet turned out! Closets are a really big project in the new pad. Who ever needs to worry about closets when they move into a house? Ours, unfortunately, have turned out to be major ordeals, which I'll tell you about another day. But now - the most organized baby closet in the world

(click on pic to go to Flickr for details)

I could sit in here all day and stare at the wonderful little things that will soon be part of our everyday life.

We have Leslie to thank for the majority of Baby's library

I have tried reading a few books to Baby in utero, but he seems to fall asleep right away. So far he is a pretty mellow little dude overall in there (a little too mellow sometimes - it worries a new mama-to-be). It will be interesting to see what his personality is like!


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Yay! Richard Scarry's "What do people do all day?" - possibly my most favorite book ever!

juliekintaiwan said...

Did I miss the birth announcement? Congratulations on your sweet little boy.

Tururu said...

Great job, very organized!!!
i love the closed!! i´d like used the image in my blog , what do you think? i´ll link you, of course :D

Sorry my english is bad, i hope you understande me.

Regards from Madrid

Jennifer said...

Sorry, Julie, I forogt a few keys words. We are still playing the waiting game - I am due in a month!

Heidi said...

Richard Scarry is my fave too. I have "WDPDAD" from my childhood too but the cover is in bad shape. I want to do a kid's room in Richard Scarry--all lowly worm!

That closet is amazing!

leslie said...

how did i miss this? i am way jealous of this closet, so cool! you are WAY ahead of the game girl! i am sure i have lots more books for your little guy, i love how you color coordinated them, they look beautiful.