Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meet Captain Queso and La Embarazada

Our Halloween costumes for 2008

We were made up Luche Libre inspired super heroes, Captain Queso and his partner La Embarazada (embarazada means "pregnant" in Spanish). The inspiration was these masks, found at the dollar store

which I thought looked Lucha Libre-esque without being the full head masks. We just kind of took it from there, developing our names and our story lines.

Actually, a lot of components for our costumes came from the dollar store, including our capes (BT's - er - Captain Queso's cape is a little girl's skirt and mine is two napkins sewn together), CQ's shin and arm guards, his gloves, his cheese grater weapon, the base for my gun, the baby bottle used to shoot out babies (more on our super powers in a sec), and my spiffy boot covers (which needed to be heavily modified to fit my swollen calves).

Captain Queso's colors were blue, orange, and yellow and my colors were baby blue and baby pink and whatever the hell else fit. If you click on the last photo, you can see my logo, a baby wearing a cape, a little better. I made our logos out of felt.

Our background stories - BT was a mild mannered scientist who was bit by a radioactive cheese curd and thus gained the power to fight crime with cheese. I was born with the power of spontaneous reproduction. Babies shot from my "Fallopian Phaser" instantly grow into adults to fight the nemesis at hand. I don't really keep track of what happens to them after that...
BT won first prize for his costume! We were proud of ourselves for coming up with fictional characters plus their background stories, and that we made our costumes so economically (we have a tendency to overdo it at Halloween).

Previous Halloween costumes:

- 2006 Zombies
- 2004 Punky Brewster (same year with Mr. T)
- 1970s Childhood costumes (note the use of painted mini cereal boxes recreated for use by Captain Queso)


shanna said...

you always come up with the best costumes!

Rebecca said...

LOL! Great ideas! And you are quite a cute prego lady. :) My husband came up with his own super hero once. I will spare you the stinky details but let's just say his name was Pantso and he fought crime with "the winds of change." Urgh.

eviedee said...