Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Can you do something for me?

Two men in my life, my dad and my husband, have heard that question from me more times than they could probably count. The "something" typically involves a project that may or may not necessarily be easy to complete, and the logistics of how to accomplish the something may or may not be worked out by the mastermind behind the project. But, having complete confidence in my guys that they can do anything, I never hesitate to put my silly thoughts out there.

You may recall that I mentioned I had bought a dresser off craigslist that we intended to also use as a changing table. It was a wonderful 5-drawer dresser, Danish modern in design, with incredible legs and painted a perfect color combo (perfect, if one conceded to purchase a classic piece that had been painted) of custard white with pale yellow handles.

(You will just have to imagine a picture of the original. I somehow forgot to take a before shot of this important improvement project)

There were a few flaws. One, the top drawer did not match, either the drawer itself or its handle. At first, this was a quality I liked about the dresser - it was unique. Then, I slowly began to loathe that drawer. I looked for baskets that could be fit in its place, but could not find any short enough. Then, I decided as much as I was willing to live with a dresser/changing table that was higher than average, I could not live with everybody walking into the nursery and stating the obvious - that the changing table was high.

There was only one solution, in my mind - the top drawer had to go. Easy peasy, in my mind. Cut it off, and drop the top.

My parents were visiting this weekend, and I decided to spring this project on my two handymen. They were skeptical, but then started playing ideas off each other, and soon saw it could work. Don't touch the legs was my only stipulation.

My mom and I left for a day of shopping for hospital prep stuff, and the guys got to work. Of course, like many projects, there were unanticipated setbacks. But, they kept at it. When I came back, I snapped a few pics of the two of them working together

(You can see there are a few other projects that perhaps should have taken priority over this one, like, uh, a yard)

Of course, they had figured it all out - where to reinforce what would now be the top of the dresser, how to make sure all the drawers still fit, fitting a trim piece to fill a gap, etc. The next day, BT built a removable surround so it looked more like a changing table, and repainted it the same custard color. So now, here is the perfect dresser/changing table that nobody can complain is too high

And it is currently being filled with all of the necessities*

It meant so much to me that they could work on this project together. I made them sign the back of the dresser to remember the date. I got a little misty eyed wondering if our little guy would someday be taking this dresser (sans changing table surround) off to his first apartment. {sniff}

* Don't fret! We are still going to try cloth diapers. We just figured it would be good to start with disposables (these are 7th Generation) for a couple of weeks so we could get used to that whole parenting thing before we decided to throw diapers we are not familiar with into the mix.

And yes - this is the wall color. The whitest white, like most of the rest of the rooms in our new pad will be painted, except this room will have a surprise. Stay tuned!


shanna said...

they did an excellent job! i know what those dressers look like before they're painted and i have to say, i like the painted look!

Emy said...

It's lovely!
I have a dresser with a similar bottom.

Naomi said...

Hi there! Love your blog... Just had my third child eight weeks ago (a boy... I have two girls as well), and we tried the gdiaper system which was so-so but leaks, then the seventh generation which actually don't pull the moisture away so he ended up with a bit of a rash even though I changed him every hour, at least! Now I don't know what to do!! Dilemmas, dilemmas....

just wanted to tell you I love your blog..
xxoo and good luck with the baby!!

woof nanny said...

Dude! That so seriously frickin' rocks. I think you should send the idea to readymade mag. The best changing table EVER!

woof nanny said...

PS: I grew up with a dad and three older brothers. I have the asking down to a science ;)

CelticMommy said...

That is a totally wonderful DIY!! I agree with Barb (Woof Nanny) that you should submit that to something somewhere!

And, from a 5'6" mommy with a tall changing table... actually a dresser... lemme tell you... when that wee one weighs 25 pounds, you'll be happy you opted for shorter than taller! You're almost there. :-)

Oh, and I was a gDiaper user... if you try them, they are wonderful once you get the hang of it. And the velcro in the back rather than the front makes them much harder for your spirited wee one to rip off and throw at the wall. Seriously!

Jane said...

I have enjoyed each of your pregnancy posts so much! That changer/dresser is indeed perfect!