Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thrift Thursday ~ Noritake

Do you ever feel compelled to go to a thrift store?

Not - oh, I'm bored. I think I will go thrifting.

More like the thought gets in your head, and you can't shake it until you go and find whatever it is that is calling your name.

This past weekend, I had that call, and had to go see if my thrifting intuition was correct. The store that subliminally called me to it, a Goodwill, I rarely go to as I rarely find anything good and what is there is overpriced (Goodwill, of course, carries Target leftovers, and I have seen things at this particular store priced higher than what they were in store.)

Anyway, I guess I should go further back in this story, with another thrift store trip to a different store where I picked up this

It is vintage Noritake, and is the pattern Up-sa Daisy. At that time, I decided I would start collecting this pattern of Noritake (love the weight of this vintage line so much. I don't have my own nice tableware/china collection, I think in part because I was always put off by how delicate China is. This is just what I would have registered for, had I gotten married in the 1960s.)

Over a year later, my collection grew by leaps and bounds when I found this bounty

6 mugs, saucers, and salad plates, and 2 dinner plates for a total price for $29!!!

I was bumping people out of the way to gather all of the pieces before somebody started getting wise to what I was after (our local stores are full of Ebay freaks). I searched and searched for the remaining 4 plates, but they must have already been sold.

Of course, to complete the set, I need bread plates, bowls, a coffee service set, serving bowls, casseroles, etc. etc. I can't promise you (or BT - who is concerned about my new collection after reviewing the prices of individual pieces on Ebay) that I will be able to hold out until I happen upon the remainder of the set. But, it is a fun way to collect something you love - wait until it finds you.

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juliekintaiwan said...

It is a pretty pattern! They don't do "china" here but the tragic thing is the lack of thrift stores. I go crazy when I'm back in N.America 'cause there are so many goodies and yet my suitcase is so small ;)

shanna said...

what a score!

i know that urge to thrift all too well! it's come upon me at the weirdest of times and i always used to give in...i'm heading home from the grocery store (there's perishables) and the urge hits as i'd pass St. Vinnies. turn around and risk losing a few groceries? of course!

i miss thrifting so much! they have a friday market here in kuwait where they do sell used items but, in all honesty, kuwaiti used items are disgusting. they're typically what someone has dug out of the trash that's sat in the 120 degrees for a few days. blech! plus, it's not the "good" stuff.

The Third Girl said...

I totally "get" that sense of excitement when it comes to thrift store shopping. Browsing the china patterns in the local shops has become a pasttime for me and my daughter lately. I collect Noritake, too. I've mae a promise with myself to only buy pieces I happen upon in thrift stores. We'll see how long that lasts. ;-)