Sunday, September 07, 2008

She's done it again

I have been spoiled by Shanna in the past (see here and here), but I'm not sure even those wonderful packages could compare to the one that showed up this weekend.

OMG! Can you believe all of this wonderful stuff??

First, this splendid knit outfit

Love the caramel and brown together. The cargo pants are just too cute for words, and love the little cap to pieces!

Shanna posted about this cute as can be nursing wrap, bib, and burp cloth set on her blog, but I would have never dreamed that they would be coming to me!

She said they were a thank you for putting together this package for her niece, but I think in this case the thank you far exceeded the favor done.

This receiving blanket will be the perfect companion for the woodland critters blanket

And is if this weren't all enough, Shanna also purchased a couple of onesis + corresponding correspondence cards from this etsy seller, and included a Japanese kit for making a cute bunny

I never can get over how generous this community is. Shanna isn't the only one who has been filling my mailbox, and I will show off all the goodies sent to the luckiest baby in the world soon!

Thank you again, dear friend.

P.S. Please excuse the horrible verticals. We are working on it...


Janet said...

What a wonderful gift! So many cute things. :)

If you don't mind...could you ask her where she got that adorable owl fabric at? I've seen it used in some other things and I would like to get some. If you can, email me at

Thanks! :)

shanna said...

i'm so glad you like everything! whew! the stuff from storybymia does look cute; i was crossing my fingers that it was!

janet: the owl fabric is from joanns. i ordered it online. do a search for owl flannel and you'll find it.

Junie Moon said...

Shanna's gifts are absolutely beautiful. I love each and every item as well as the love and time she put into knitting that adorable outfit.

African Kelli said...

holy, holy moly. What a fabulous gift! I am so glad you were spoiled!

leslie said...

super cute, lucky you!

Dee Light said...

What wondeful goodies (both shared and recieved). It just goes to show...what goes around comes around. And your kindness has been rewarded. Lovely stuff.

Karin said...

Wow, what an amazing gift! I especially love the bibs and blanket. The little owls are too cute :)