Sunday, August 24, 2008

This week I finally... to sleep in my own bed! We moved into the new pad three weeks ago, but had to wait to move everything to its final location until new carpet was installed in the bedrooms. If you ever get carpet installed by Home Depot, do not believe the "7-10 days from first visit until install" spiel. Sleeping on an air mattress for three weeks, and not one of those super deluxe kinds, is so not cool.

...look like I'm pregnant! All of the sudden, my belly poofed out and I now actually look pregnant, and not just like I have developed even more of a beer gut than I already had. Of course I am now subject to questioning from well-meaning strangers out in public, including the dreaded question - Can I touch your belly? I guess at least they ask, versus just copping a feel. I am glad some people out there are not creeped out by the "baby magic shell" that has developed over my abdomen. BT and I are slightly horrified by it.

...knit something for our little one! This is actually the only knitting project I have planned

The pattern is from my favorite knitter out there - She's Crafty. I've probably had her site on my Favorites since I started using the computer with any regularity. In addition to her website, she also sells some of her knitted items and patterns on etsy. I only ordered the hat pattern, but she threw in the bootie pattern for free! I had jury duty this week, which allowed me to get a good start on this project.

Now if only I could find my sewing machine amongst the remaining chaos of boxes that need to be unpacked, perhaps I can get back to my other baby preparations.


woof nanny said...

Wow, the knitting is gorgeous! What an exciting time for you (I'm jealous).
I need your new address! I can't wait to see pics of the new place. said...

Oh MY! Those are darling! So beautiful...I love the deep, rich brown! This was my first visit to your blog-I love it here!

Heather said...

I'm a relativly new reader at your blog and I'm delurking to tell you how much I enjoy it and that I'm so happy for you and the new babe'a'growin'.