Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Tally

As follow up to this post, I thought I would share my final tally for craigslist baby gear purchases. In total, I bought 9 items used for a total of $683. Here is the breakdown, and what the items would have cost new:

Pali April Crib for $100 ($369 new - originally sold for over $600 when first released). We will be purchasing a new mattress.

Medela Pump in Style Breast pump for $75 for unit and $50 for replacement accessories* ($280 new)

Changing table for $160 (we purchased a mid-century modern dresser that will be adapted to be a changing table. For comparison, I am using this new dresser for $430. Though, it can't really compare to a classic piece. Our dresser is painted. Unpainted, a piece like this on craigslist would cost about as much as the new dresser)

Unused Combi I-Thru Stroller for $90 ($175 new - originally sold for $280 when first released)

Unused Ikea Lillberg Rocking Chair for $50 ($150 new)

Unused Oeuf Baby Lounger for $60 ($98 new)

Medela Nursing Stool for $8 ($25 new)

Total cost for 9 items: $683

Total cost if items had been bought new: $1707

Savings: $1,204

It took a lot of patience to track everything down. But, it was fun, and it was good to spread the cost out over the last several months. The Lounger was the most elusive, but I finally found it (Note: it is the newer model - not the one that was recalled). As you can see, some items were unused. Everything else is used, but not abused - I was very picky about what I bought.

As mentioned, I tried to combine trips with other errands so I wasn't driving unnecessarily just to pick up the item. In our area, there was a lot of great gear for sale on craigslist out in the San Fernando Valley area, but this would not have been a cost effective for me to go pick up from Long Beach.

I am pretty happy with my success! There are a couple more things I am keeping an eye out for, but I am not optimistic I will find what I need to complete the nursery used. Fortunately, I am way under budget for baby preparations!

* I know there are concerns about reusing breast pumps. This pump was only used for about a month, and the woman assured me she did not have any type of infection during that time. I purchased new every single item that came in contact with skin or milk new. So, basically I am just reusing the bag and the pump itself which does not come in contact with the milk.


Sarah and Jack said...

I think Medela created a lot of the "concern" to sell more pumps. You can rent hospital grade pumps, which is what I did, and you just buy a new kit (new horns, tubing, etc.), so it's the same thing as buying the PIS used.

Heidi said...

I totally second what Sarah said about Medela & the pumps. I think it's a CYA thing for them and also a way to sell more pumps! Nothing more than air actually travels through the tubing so I can't figure out why they warn you about contamination. I used a hospital pump while I was there and I guarantee they didn't destroy it after I used it for 24 hours! You'll be fine.

Emy said...

Man, you scored on the pump!! I love my medela pump, although I haven't had to use it in a while. Mabel is already outgrowing all of her gear. I'm so glad I bought it all used. I can't wait to see the little man's nursery.

Coleen said...

You are too good! I check out our local craigslist, but there just isn't as much to choose from. Very few entries, and everything is at least an hour or more for driving time. Are you buying a bassinet?

When do we see a belly shot? :)

I'm begginning to not feel so cute... just too tired for much of anything! Hope you are feeling well.

Jane said...

You have done really well! Have you tried advertising for the remaining things you want on the same craigslist baby page. I did for a CBE monitor and I named the price I was willing to pay. I got two offers and one lady was willing to mail it. Some people aren't of the selling mindset because it can be a hassle to wait around for buyers.They might more inclined to sell if they thought they already had a buyer. I am enjoying these posts!

Junie Moon said...

What a fabulous shopping expedition. You did a great job!

leslie said...

good job girl! you are a pro!

Kiona said...

Oh how I love the craigslist. If I didn't have a business to run and a kid (and husband) to take care of I would probably spend 99.9 percent of my time on craigslist. Way to go on the savings!