Sunday, August 17, 2008

Midnight at the Oasis

Let's just say, attending a tiki event 27 weeks pregnant in a word sucks.

No drinking - sucks

Having people tell you "just a little bit isn't going to do anything" - sucks

Feeling nervous about sitting too close to the music stage - sucks

Giving the camera to your husband, who throughout the day has had his own drinks plus those provided to his pregnant wife by well-meaning revellers - that, it turns out, is priceless

(The Creepy Creeps)


Karen in Wichita said...

I feel for you... when I was five months pregnant (not enough to be really obvious), I went to a software convention... the single-vendor sort, mixing advertising with training. At the conclusion, they put on a big free dinner thingy, bused us out to some ranch out in the Texas boonies.

Now, they'd put us on this bus without telling us how long the drive was going to be (you'd think I'd have known, being from Kansas: "a little ways out of town" *here* can be half an hour), and it turned out to be close to an hour. The first stop was a tent in the middle of nowhere, with a free drinks bar. Texas ranch: you couldn't even see any of the other buildings, there was no running water there, and they didn't... even... have... ice. "We have some beer? It, uh, doesn't have *much* alcohol in it? Uh... the bus will take you in to the dining hall in, um, half an hour?"


If I hadn't subsequently been so amused by all the Wisconsonians and Minnesotans (many of them drunk) trying to grok Texas-style barbecue and rodeo and line dancing, it would have been a really miserable evening.

woof nanny said...

No, what sucks is I didn't hear anything about this event and it's in my backyard.
What sucks is my friend was in town and I didn't get to say hi.
I must get every website email telling me what was happening in SD, and I didn't see anything about Tiki.
Next year...

Junie Moon said...

The tiki parties are fun and I enjoy hearing about them.

It is amazing to me the things people encourage you to do, and it does seem they always say " a little bit won't hurt." But stick to your own instincts about what you should or should not do.

Shelly G and Hope P said...

How was the people watching... I have found that when I am in that sort of situation and I am not drinking... I find the people so amuzing to watch... Very silly :)~