Friday, July 04, 2008

The kindness of others

Ok - last baby post for the week, then back to our regular programming!

I have been astounded by the generosity of others during this time. It seems I can't visit anybody anymore without receiving a book, a onesie, or a Tiki t-shirt for the baby. Babies really bring out the giving side of people, I suppose.

A few individuals have already gone above and beyond anything I would have ever expected from friends or family. Like - burst into tears crying in disbelief that somebody cared enough to put so much love and effort forth for me and my little passenger. I feel eternally indebted to these folks!

During this trip to AZ*, my aunt and cousin sent a "shower in a box" to set up while I was there. It was just for me and my mom and dad. They sent all the decor items, and all my mom had to do was buy some cake and balloons (they sent money for that as well)

So, with something like this, you would expect to receive a couple presents. Try 12 different wrapped items, mostly all homemade! Like I said, I was floored. The presents included

This great, bright assortment including a play blanket, fabric jingle block, tag blanket, and terry sleeper.

My aunt also made this travel changing mat and holder for travel wipes and a couple of diapers

My cousin is a very accomplished knitter, and made this adorable little hat

and some pacifier holders (so clever!)

There were many other items in the box, like some cute Tupperware containers and other feeding and bath items. Most things came in these cute, functional bags

If you ever want to score brownie points with a distant relative, this would be the way to go!

Another person that has completely blown me away with their kindness is Leslie. We all know her to be a woman with great taste. You can imagine she bought all the "right" gear for her two girls. That she saved it and is willing to part with it for free is starts me bawling all over again. Every time we go over to her place, there is a pile of stuff waiting, like vintage books, Cookie magazines, fabric, classic surf clothing. And things like

this cool Aprica stroller, a beefier version of an umbrella stroller

a Kelty baby backpack (we will definitely get a lot of use out of this)

and this sweet ride they picked up at a garage sale. Baby's "Piglet" to Daddy's Hog.

I guess her dad is even in the act, and has been setting stuff aside at the thrift store he volunteers at. Wow!

Leslie has been a great support network during this time. With her job as an ultrasound tech, and her own two kids, she definitely has a lot of experience to pull from. Thanks to her I was the model patient at the ultrasound appointment, and didn't utter a peep - despite not being told one word up front by the tech about what would be happening during the procedure, what she was looking at, when BT could come in, etc. By the end of the visit, the tech was chatting up a storm with us, and printing off pictures left and right. I guess that is one situation where you catch more flies with honey. Thanks, girl, for all your support!

* The Huckleberry Margarita was for my mom this time around, but I'll be back Roaring Fork, I'll be back...


leslie said...

wow! that stuff looks great at your house (better than stuffed in our garage!) i am thankful to have such a cool friend to give it to, someone who really appreciates second hand. by the way, we found the little shade that goes to the kelty backpack, we used it a lot up at the cabin and found it tucked in the beach stuff this weekend. the pile is again stacking up for you over here!

Greta Adams said...

huge huge huge congrats girl....
i am so excited for ya'll...

i had a lot of catching up to do as i have not checked blog sin FOREVER and boy what surprises you had in store!!

again congrats girl!!

Anne said...

Wow, what nice stuff - love the little ride.

linda t said...

I LOVE the Huckleberry margaritas at the Roaring Fork!!! You better come back to Arizona for another one!
Love your blog!

Angela said...

How lovely! Some wonderful gifts there - I especially loved the little hat with the ducklings on.Many congratulations to you.