Thursday, July 03, 2008

Homemade Baby

Lots of sewing going on in the Felt Mouse house as well! Here are a couple of boy/neutral things from my days of staving off the baby hunger by making baby clothes

And a couple more things made once we got the good news

A hooded towel and bath mitt. The towel is lined with Japanese gauze fabric printed with bees and finished with homemade bias tape. The mitt was just made to use the extra terry and bias tape. I'm not sure it will be very functional, though. I cannot find the pattern online right now, but let me know if you are interested and I will try and track it down.

Two receiving blankets

and a nursing pillow (back is lined in seersucker fabric in the same colors)

both made from thrifted fabric from Leslie (more about this amazing lady's generosity tomorrow!)

Knit coveralls and hat

Gown and hat (that fits me - may need to rework that one)

Miscellaneous tee

and I embellished these onesies for Father's Day (my Dad likes farm stuff)

I also purchased a couple of homemade items

a crocheted snake, "Sneaks," from Rebecca's etsy shop

and some "wee wee tee pees" from this etsy seller

I have about a dozen things left on my to sew list, plus a knitted cap and bootie set. If I can finish one a week, I should be ready!

Oh, and btw, I am the woodland loving mama from this post ;)


Jane said...

You are so talented with knits! I am very impressed. By the way, I think your baby hope chest is awesome! The PB&B not too strange. But, all this comes from someone who loves macaroni with milk and butter!

BTW, have you been to the loft at Michael Levines. They are a fantastic and cheap source for solid knits and bottom weights. I always think I will go there someday to get fabric for a home sewn Mai Tai Baby Carrier.

And one last thing have you seen this pattern for make your own Robeez?

This site also has patterns for car seat covers and a whole mess of other baby stuff.

shanna said...

you've been busy! i've been lookin' around the net for organic clothes and i found the cutest baby bedding (although it's expensive)...when you said you were the "woodland mama" it reminded me of the bedding.
bedding found here:

telfair said...

I'm loving your exultant pregnancy posts. :)

Leigh Ann said...

All great stuff! I've never seen nor heard of those tee pees. So cute! Luckily never needed them with my little man.

Cheers on your blessed news and the joy that nesting brings!


Leslie said...

I wandered your direction through leslie at chasing bluebirds...i love your blog.i made a couple sets of those little pee pee tee pee's for a neighbor when she had a little boy and she said they were really handy, saved her a few times!...and they are funny. You can not beat that!!!