Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Chic Baby

Less is more is good and all, but there is so much fun baby stuff out there! How can one resist completely??

Some of the following items sorta follow the environmental ethic, but they are what I guess are now being classified as things a "Scuppie" (Socially Conscious Upwardly-mobile Person) would buy. There are some legitimate concerns out there about baby products that contain toxic materials, such as BPA, but one doesn't have to in turn buy these cute bottles

or these unusual German pacifiers (latex and BPA free. Also have less nooks and crannies to collect germs)

or the little French giraffe teether you see just about everywhere (also made from natural rubber)

There are less expensive, more down-to-earth versions of these items out there that have the same environmental attributes. But, I bought the trendy versions instead. Do you hate me? Am I one of those people??

My Mom is guilty of Scuppie shopping as well. In stating I was trying to reduce plastic and battery-operated toys, she responded by going on a virtual shopping spree at Oompa Toys

I really hope Baby can find enjoyment from his soft and wooden toys that only make the noises he assigns to them. If not, the toys will make for colorful decor regardless!

Luckily, some frivolous things I intended to buy for my little one just sort of came to me. Like my fellow pregnancy sista Coleen, a Rody horse was pre-determined as a nursery essential. Looking through the thrift store one day, what should I find but a green Rody in pretty good shape for $1.91!

I love seeing his goofy grin when I walk in the door. Did I mention had we not bought a house, Baby would be sleeping in the dining room? Worse things could happen, but it will be nice to have a real nursery to decorate.

Robeez were another pre-established "must have."

I have bought them for many other new babies, but somehow buying them for ours did not go over well with the Mister. He said he doesn't even buy shoes for himself that cost this much (that may have been an exaggeration on his part). I tried to use the cost savings from the Rody horse as justification, but that didn't fly...

There are a couple more things, but I am kind of making myself sick with my own indulgence. I suppose you only get to nest for your first-born once. I have had a blast buying both the green and the chic items!


Jane said...

These things, especially the shoes, will last because you bought high quality. I think DH will love the shoes when people stop him to tell him how cute his baby looks in his rocker booties!

Not Martha said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I have read your blog for-EVER but never commented.
I love all the things you have bought for your baby-I am not pregnant, but I am always looking into cloth diapers and old fashioned toys. My latest discovery is glass baby bottles with a silicone sleeve that prevents breakage. When I finally am pregnant, I will be just like you-picking up all those "green" and fun products!

Laura said...

I hadn't heard the term Scuppie before but I guess it describes me and my husband to some extent (though going from 2 salaries to 1 isn't very upwardly mobile). There's just way too much cute stuff out there--I'm obsessed with haba toys for my baby to be!

I totally understand the mister nixing the Robeez. Mine nixed Patagonia Cappeline long johns for our baby even though they were way on sale at the outlet and if the baby wears them 24/7 we can save on oil to heat the house!