Sunday, June 22, 2008

A winner...and a loser

Thank you all for your nice comments about the bath fizzy cupcakes and my 4 year blogiversary. Again, I appreciate all of your support. Sorry I'm such a lamer about replying to comments, but I do appreciate all that you have to say. There is only one winner this time - Avid Crafter*! - but I really hope I can connect with everybody eventually.

The picture doesn't really have much to do with anything, except that this is what I am faced with every single weekend. This is clean laundry, but I have a tendency to just pile it up on top of the dresser during the week versus putting it away right away. Leading to wrinkles, and the need to hastily close the bedroom door if we have unexpected company. I haven't quite figured out the key to getting it all done in one day (cooking, cleaning, chores, errands, crafts + time to relax), if anybody has insight into that one...

*Please send me your address via thefeltmouseATgmailDOTcom!


leslie said...

well when you were here tonight, not sure if you went into our bedroom, but in there you would have seen the mountain of clean laundry that was moved from the living room couch shortly before you arrived. we have to move laundry from the living room to the bedroom, back and forth almost daily trying to keep on top of it (and hidden from guests). when i have my big mansion someday i will have a whole laundry suite, dedicated to all things laundry.

thanks for a fun evening!


Junie Moon said...

Congratulations to your winner!

I will share my cleaning system in case it helps. I have a checklist of things to do each day (also one for weekly, monthly, seasonally, and yearly) which I customized for my particular house needs. It's the only way I can manage the chaos of life and housecleaning. I get up in the morning and make my blog post, try to read other folks' blogs, and then do my chores. When doing laundry, I fold or hang clothes directly when they are finished in the dryer. I only do a load when I know I can finish the process.

If there's a day where I have appointments, then I get up earlier in order to accomplish my goals. When we have visitors, then I let everything slide and just pick up my system again when they leave. Everybody works differently, but this is the system that works for me.

Jane said...

You are not alone with the laundry pile! Ugg. I have found that now that I use a drying rack, I am a bit better because I put things on hangers to dry and then it's much easier just to shove them on the bar when they are dry.