Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Making do

You know the old adage: When life gives you lemons...

Well, the same thinking can be applied when you are asked to to travel 500 miles to take an exam on a Saturday to make the supervisor job you have been doing for nearly a year official - on your own dime.

When life give you that scenario, you can make the best of it by dragging along your husband and

Finding a quirky place along the river to eat

(The Yahoo Room at the Madonna Inn- yes, that is a wagon made into a bed. And there is glitter on the ceiling.)

Staying at the incredibly unique, over the top Madonna Inn

Daytripping to Morro Bay

and drooling over this selection of fabric runners in Solvang

We made the best of it, and had fun in the process! (Except for that whole dang test part)


elizabeth said...

hold on.
i gotta wipe my chin!
those table runners....swoon!!!
tell me you got one.
please tell me you got one.

oh and tell me you got the job :)

hugs and i miss you :)

Sharmy said...

I am so jealous! The last two times I went to the Pismo Beach area I forgot to make reservations in advance and the Madonna inn was completely booked! *sniffle* It is beautiful up there.
Did you go to splash cafe? Yum!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh my, that room is a little bit scary. LOL

leslie said...

that job of yours, geez!!! i think a drive up north is on my to-do list now (in the hybrid of course!) those table runners are lovely too! i need one for my new outside table (where you will be eating with us soon!)

hunnybunny said...

I want to go to the Madonna Inn! We stayed at a place when we drove down from Alaska that was upstairs from a store that was also a gas station. I thought the buffalo head and the warm Labatt Blue still in the fridge made that place a winner, but I didn't have glitter on the ceiling. I'm happy to see you made an otherwise not awesome trip into something fabulous.

flurogoddess said...

Love the funky bed!

Jane said...

Solvang is some pretty nice lemon aide! Glad you made the best of it. I had to take 3 big tests when I moved to CA and they can really take it out of you.

Rebecca said...

Oh Solvang! I've been there! My friend took me years ago. She bought me the tiniest gnome lol. He has lived in every kitchen I've had. He's perched above my sink as we speak . . .

What a fun trip!