Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hi from HI

Greetings from the Big Island, Hawaii! A dream come true for two self-proclaimed Hawaiiana lovers. Everything has been great. Well, almost - one thing that was unexpected is the amount of haze pumped out by the more active volcano on the island. It produces a haze similar to smog (actually called "vog" - volcano gas + fog). In that way, it doesn't feel like we left L.A. very far behind. But, here is some evidence that we did

Our hotel - a midcentury modern dream

Cool shrine

Lots of good eats ~

Breakfast at U-Top-It Diner. Mine: Taro pan crepes + eggs and bacon. BT's: Heart attack over rice

Shaved ice WITH ice cream in the center AND sweetened condensed milk "snow cap." The tables were specially modified to hold the cute fluted cups. This is a medium.

Waiting for a shuttle that does not exist (our travel book was a little outdated). We got conflicting stories about the existence of a shuttle that would at least get us to the beach. After waiting for 45 minutes, we gave up. A car is really necessary here.

A lot of people are surprised that we chose the Big Island as our first Hawaiian destination. I'm sure to you, however, dear readers, it is perfectly clear

(Pu'uhonua O Honaunau - or City of Refuge - National Historical Park)

It may not have the tropical feel of Maui or the tourist attractions of Oahu. But it has lots and lots of tikis!

Tiki butts drive me nuts!

Turns out sea turtles are pretty rad, too

And, despite its SO2 spewing madness, we are pretty excited to see the volcano as well.


P.S. Our pal Leslie arrives in town tomorrow. With a fabric store and/or thrift store every half mile, we are sure to have fun!!


telfair said...

WOW!! This makes me so jealous, I can't stand it! Looks like a great time, glad you & BT got away for a fun vacation.

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

Oh you are so lucky! The shaved ice concoction looks so yummy, i might have to plan a trip just to try it, yum! The tiki butts are so funny! I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Jane said...

Who! Hoo! I am so glad that you have gotten away for what looks like an awesome trip! I hope you find lots of Tiki stuff at the thrift store.

Junie Moon said...

I am so excited for you; Hawaii is such a gorgeous state.

Scarlet Tanager said...

Awesome! Everything looks amazing, hope you're having a wonderful time! Bring me back a tiki butt.

leslie said...

aloha jen, we miss you guys!!! next trip we do the whole thing together! we loved the place of refuge and i love your pictures, where the heck did you get that ice cream thing????


the internet code is still working!!!!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I love the shrine!

Natasha said...

"tiki butts drive me nuts"....too funny. Great pics of you trip. Love the one with hubby on the side of the hoo to shuttle that never shows.