Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tiki Room Update

Well, I promised you a tiki room update. BT wants me to wait until the room is complete. But, I fear that could take awhile, given the amount of time it has taken for us to get this far. I'll try to just show the areas that seem done to me.

Remember the large ship picture from my Pippi photo shoot? The paint by numbers ship was stolen from the bathroom for a greater good. The large carvings in the center are from Elizabeth. Green New Zealand tiki described recently here. I gave the spoon and fork to BT a couple of years ago for his birthday. The cabinet contains smoking paraphernalia and Cubano rum. BT's long board. We also replaced the door to this room with a beaded screen.

A few more mugs since the last time I showed this cabinet. We'll have to place a piece of wood behind each row to include future mugs. Those handy dandy battery-powered Ikea lights illuminate each row.

My girlie corner hasn't changed much, except we added "Ishi" and a mosaic ice bucket, but from our tiki haul. We intend to cover the cabinet doors with fake tapa cloth.

BT mounted our computer monitor on the wall and built a surround for it. A similar project is described in the book Pad. We have music playing through the computer when we host our drink nights, and we can show old quirky movies on the monitor. The keyboard is stored in the closet so that the shelf can be used for drinks. I mounted a swizzle stick from a now defunct tiki restaurant in Beverly Hills known as The Luau in similar fashion to the green tiki shown above. We framed a couple of postcards to the right of the monitor. If you find it offensive that one woman is topless, please shield your eyes for the next pic.

Hell-o. I knew BT liked 'em big, but this gal even gives me a complex! She doesn't have a name yet, if you have any suggestions (I'm sure Mary Ann will have a few choice suggestions). Velvet painting framed using a frame BT found during an apartment clean out.

And of course, the bar that started it all

100% handmade by my tiki loving hubby. I'll keep you posted on future developments!


I AM VERY MARY said...

In homage to those nipples (my goodness, when I clicked on the picture to enlarge it, they nearly poked out my eyeballs), I'd vote for the name Pinki. We'll give it and "i" at the end to make it seem more vampy.

Leigh Ann said...

I love this room. I'm all for a theme and taking it away. What a fun place to do computer work AND have a party!

Cheers! La

shanna said...

love your tiki room!! and glad you found a place for the for miss velvet i say call her moana--er, uh mona rather

Cristina H. said...

A name suggestion for your velvet girl...

Gender: Feminine
Usage: Maori
Means "beautiful" in Maori.

It's a name that fits the tiki theme, and besides, I find the double A ironic.

Anonymous said...

i think her real name is teetsy taataas but her friends call her pinki.