Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sewing Nook

Having my craft supplies organized is great. But, I still didn't have a great place to work on projects. Sewing in particular was proving difficult, as I was left to use our round dining room table (the worst for sewing a large piece) and cheapy Ikea chairs that seemed ready to snap as I moved about working on a project.

I bought a new desk and chair to serve as my craft table and set it up in the living room. Our living room, however, is already a tad crowded. So, I can't go overboard displaying craft supplies and the like. My creative space had to have a little personality, though. The embroidered pillow was found thrifting today. I also put out my scissors, a tin of vintage buttons, and a pincushion from Rebecca (through Vallen)

I made an easy cover for my machine by de-constructing the flimsy plastic one it came with to use as a pattern

The aqua may seem a little incongruous with the curtains behind the machine, but rest assured there is the tiniest stripe of aqua in there. The aqua is more pronounced in the curtains behind the sofa to the left of where this table is located. My view when I am sewing here? An a/c unit. I'll have to look elsewhere for inspiration. Like over to my left

A painted silhouette found thrifting with Leslie in Big Bear (Leslie definitely needs some virtual hugs today if you have a chance to stop by), and Shanna's lovely quilt. I felt so inspired setting up this little corner, I have already started a couple new projects. Sometimes all you need is a change of view (even if it is of an air conditioner). And a square table!


Anonymous said...

WOW! It looks fabulous! I guess you have been busy this weekend while our men are out in the forest :) I can't wait to see what you will create next :)

Jenn 2

Rebecca said...

Nice! A place to call your own. :) I'm struggling for creative space myself. I have the space but it's not set up right (too much furniture? too much crap?) and I'm very inspired but your nice NEAT corner.

And don't you love Vallen's bird nest pin cushions? :)