Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mosette Boutif

That's the fancy way of saying gravel art

I can't find much written about this *classic* art form, including what type of gravel was used. I kind of suspect aquarium gravel. I'm sure one of you know.

I have longed to make a gravel art piece for years, but didn't anticipate I'd have to design one myself. SuZanna Anna is the high priestess of gravel art. I have had her site favorited for years, but when I'm finally ready to buy - she doesn't any kits!! Fortunately, SuZanna does has a great tutorial on HGTV. The background of my gravel art piece is burlap.
The bright colors are recycled glass (like SuZanna uses), and the black is aquarium gravel. I wasn't sure what exactly was meant by "craft cord," so I used soutache braid to make my outline, and it worked fine.

So, here's my mosette boutif - ready for framing, and then to be hung in a place of honor in the tiki room.

* The shapes shown here are distinctive shapes from a video game. They are not in these colors, nor would you find the shapes all together in this configuration. If anyone can guess which game, we should probably become besties. And, to that end, I will send you a bff care package!

** hint: The shapes rattle when you bounce on them.


JennyRyan said... it LocoRoco? Just guessing here!! Whatever the inspiration, it came out siper cute!!

JennyRyan said...

Er...super cute. Ah, the perils of commenting at almost 4am!

Rebecca said...

Hmmm . . . my brain is rattling but I just can't come up with it! Argh! Though looking at your delicious art I think I'll have sushi for lunch. ;) j/k I think it's adorable and will go perfectly in the tiki room.

eviedee said...

SOOOOO RAD! Though I often scour thrfts for these little gems I never considered making my own. What a fantastic idea!

African Kelli said...

No idea on the game. It looks like sushi to me! And what pretty folksy art.

Sarah and Jack said...

I see that your project here is featured on the Craft Zine blog! Awesome.