Monday, March 03, 2008

Green Tiki

A lovely gift from the lovely Ms. Megan, who just moved to her new digs. She said she wanted to combine two - actually three - of my interests: tiki, green living, and chocolate

On the front of the pouch is a New Zealand style tiki. Here is some info about these guys. It just so happens that this weekend I *coincidentally* hung up our very own nephrite tiki

This is a kitchen drawer front that was in the Ikea "as is" section for 70 cents. The holes were pre-drilled where the handles were supposed to go. I mod-podged a piece of scrapbooking paper over the front, and inserted wooden dowels in the holes. I lightly glued the tiki to the dowels for a 3-d effect. We're not finished decorating the room by a long-shot, but I am almost ready to at least give you a tiki room update. I hope to get one more very cool project completed this week.

You may be thinking - the tiki Jen already had is green, but the one Megan sent is red - what's the "green tiki" connection?

Well, the tiki pouch folds out into the most kick-ass shopping bag I have ever seen!! The leather pouch forms a sturdy base for the cute "not paper or plastic" bag printed with more tikis. I know I always say it, but it is so true - I have the BEST blog friends!! Thank you so much, Megan!! Is it ok to tell you this will be coming with me on my next Ikea trip?

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