Sunday, February 24, 2008

Right back at me

I received a very unexpected treat in the mail this week. It came the day after my birthday, but that was just a happy coincidence. Looking at the box, I was a tad confused. It was the same one I sent out with my New Year's greeting to Shanna @ Pink Trees. It had my label, but a new customs form. I figured, oh great - I guess the overseas post office rejected it. I thought I remembered in the back of my mind Shanna sending me a thank you email, but at 33 years old, the mind ain't what she used to be...

Anyway, I opened the shipping box, and saw my white gift box inside tied with a red bow. Still looking like a returned package (btw, Shanna, I know this was all intentional). But, inside, instead of a cheesy light strand was this bit of goodness

I wish you all could see this in person! I am humbled by Shanna's sewing abilities. From her fabric selection to the tiny perfect stitches holding this together, it is flawless. So much care went into this!

Here is a close up of the embroidered redwork mousie

and Shanna even included the stuffed mouse she made from a modified version of the pattern from Molly Chicken (see Shanna's post about the mouse, which links to the original pattern)

Thank you so much, Shanna! I feel like the thank you was so much more than the giftie that went out to you, but I am so appreciative of what was returned!

I have big plans for displaying this and all the wonderful things my blog buddies have sent me. I need to get a few more areas of the house straightened out first. It gives me warm fuzzies to think about how many incredible women I have met all over the world through this here blog!


Alicia P. said...

Wow -- that is truly awesome. And happy birthday sweetheart. Have a marvelous year xoxo

shanna said...

i'm so glad you like it! and yes, the same packaging was intentional! reuse/recyle right? and plus i thought it would be kind of funny!

Sarah and Jack said...

It is gorgeous. Her little quilt in my sewing room is one of my most treasured possessions!

Heidi said...

I LOVE the fabrics she chose. The colors are so great and I love how they are really set off by the black borders. Beautiful!

Rebecca said...

It's lovely! And you deserve loads of thanks for the sweet things you do for all your bloggy buddies! I love all the LOVE that goes around these crafty blogs. :)


Dee Light said...

Happu Birthday!!

What a special gift. That quilt is just wonderful.

Junie Moon said...

What a gorgeous and thoughtful treat she sent you. And I don't think your lights were cheesy at all. I was so honored to receive them and they've been ever so fun at my house.