Monday, February 11, 2008

Pretty Kitty

Ok - maybe not.

Gunny cat didn't feel very sexy in her fuzzy pink collar, but I know there are a few kittens out there that would take some Valentine's Day inspiration from a fuzzy pink collar and matching cat ears


I'll even throw in the cat-sized collar if you win, in case you have a feline friend that is a more cooperative model than mine

* Cindy is Crafty is the winner of the Asian-themed goodie box! Looking for addresses from Marlo (cd) and opheliaknits (nail kit). Here is a tip for Blogger users whose comments come in with - it is a quick profile update!


Leigh said...

How cute! I am sorry she did not feel all that sexy!

Congrats to all of the winners!!!

Dee Light said...

How fun is that!!

Maybe she just wasn't "in the mood".

connie said...


Cindy Is Crafty said...

Yeehaaaa! I am EM-ing you my addy now. How great is that!

elizabeth said...

how cute!

leslie said...

oh my gosh jen!!!


Alicia P. said...

I just burst out laughing to see that expression. Apologize to her for me, 'kay? xo

Deirdre said...

that last picture of that totally pissed off cat in a pink fuzzy tiara / collar is totally priceless. thanks for the laugh!

I can only imagine you had a partner in crime holding the cat by the nether regions so you could snap the shot before the cat took off.