Friday, February 08, 2008

I Love the 80s!

Never underestimate the power of the mix CD to make somebody's day

I love the 80s cd

Especially a CD of 80s hits + picture of a-ha


1. when in rome-the promise
2. xtc-making plans for nigel

3. peter schilling-major tom (coming home)

4. duran duran-rio

5. thompson twins-lay your hands on me

6. squeeze-pulling mussels (from the shell)

7. tears for fears-everybody wants to rule the world

8. stephen duffy-kiss me

9. big country-big country

10. howard jones-life in one day

11. omd-if you leave

12. icicle works-whisper to a scream (birds fly)

13. world party-ship of fools

14. flock of seagulls-space age love song

15. buggles-video killed the radio star

16. adam ant-desperate but not serious

17. gary numan-cars (original version)

* The winner of the happy oranges is Anne of Green Jello, and the winner of the 80s CD better be an 80s lover, too!


tricia said...

The 80's rock! I made sure to teach my two daughters, (now in their 20's,) That lesson too. Back when they were in their teens and were playing Cranium with friends, the question, "What was the first video played on MTV?" came up.
My daughters were the only ones who knew the answer.
(The Bugles, Video Killed the Radio Star."

Dana said...

Am I too late to enter for the CD????
I hope not! I LOVE 80's music:) I was in high school when most of these songs were out LOL! Thanks for a great giveaway, especially the AH HA pic;)


Jenmomof4 said...

I love the 80's. THe songs you put on that CD are fantastic. I graduated HS in 87 and remember making a mix tape to take on our fun trip to the beach with tons of friends. I hope I win!

Sarabeth said...

I graduated hs in 88 so those songs were like the soundtrack of my own teen movie! That aha video with the comic was so cool.

All my old 80s music is on cassettes and I don't think they're going to last much longer...

Fun posts again this month Jennifer!

Heidi said...

Oh man, that is a GREAT CD! Excellent choices. :)

The radio station I listened to all through HS and college regularly played all these songs. It played newer alternative stuff too, but I've never found another station that played as much good 80s new wave/alternative stuff as that one. Man, I miss it! Whenever I go home to visit, the first thing I do when we get within range is switch the radio so I can get my fix! (or should that be, Fixx. ;)

Crafty Mom said...

That is awesome! Don't put my name in, as I've won something already. I just had to chime in with my love of 80's music too!

Marlo said...

Love love love the 80s! Where do you get these awesome ideas? Now I have plenty of ideas of gifts for V-Day. Yeah. Hopefully I'll be singing along to this CD while I am making them.

Sandy said...

Awesome! Like, this giveaway is just like the coolest. Like, I so totally want to win this. Like, I don't know anyone else who is more totally in love with the 80s than I am. All you posers can get out of here now. You think you can win this giveaway? As if! What-ever, that is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Gag me with a spoon. You all are so grodie. I am way more 80s than the rest of you bogus people.

Had this giveaway been done back in the 80s, that is probably how my comments would have sounded. LOL
Good luck to all!

Shara said...

Oh, Oh, Oh. Class of 1984 here.
Another blogger and I have been sending 80's song lyrics back and forth this week. I had such a mad hot crush on George Michael. Okay, so it turned out he was gay. Whoopsie. Still hot though....;o)

Leigh said...

My kids laugh at me for being such an 80's big hair and shoulder pad girl back in the day! But, they love the music as much as I do! I must be doing something right!

I AM VERY MARY said...

the leg warmers, the aquanet hairspray, the neon colors...girl, put me in the contest like TOTALLY right now!

Coleen said...

Your playlists are always so rad! You are too fun.

elizabeth said...

you are so going to think that i am making this up, but i have been sitting her singing major tom this a.m. while checking blogs and flickr.

no sh*t.

heard it yesterday a.m.

love your list.
80's rule :)

Junie Moon said...

I love your CD; what a great idea! Now I'm thinking about making one for my husband for Valentine's Day.

Congratulations to your oranges winner--I think that is such a fun and unique gift to receive.