Monday, February 18, 2008

Hot Buns

One would think with four days off from work that one would get a lot done. One would be wrong. I putzed around and did a lot of little things, but nothing representative of having so many days to myself.

Yesterday, I did go out to do some thrifting.
You could have blown me over with a feather when I saw this

I had just been looking at these vintage bun warmers on flickr the night before, doing some research for a project on my to-do list, when I ran into one in the flesh - er - rattan. It still works! Wonderful, single purpose, one temperature, vintage gizmos - how I love thee.

The cover was a little grungy, however, so I decided to fashion a new one

Given my lazy as a sloth behavior, there was no way I could bring myself to travel all the way to the fabric store for some canvas fabric. So, instead I sacrificed one of these placemats. The bonus, I suppose, is now it looks like it is a set!

Having nothing but time but no motivation, I couldn't be expected to bake my own buns

These store-bought biscuits will just have to do.


Karen in Wichita said...

Huh. We had one of those when I was growing up, though it had a dark olive green top (matched the fridge...)

Wonder if Mom still has it?

Jane said...

I have never seen one of those before. Love your new cover.

Junie Moon said...

What a great find and I really think the new cover is perfect for it.

Your post makes me smile. I think a bit of "sloth" now and then is just what we need to rejuvenate ourselves.

elizabeth said...

oh i love it!
happy birthday eve ;)

Shara said...

Yep, we had one of thse when I was little too. I thought of it the other day and wondered why I had never seen one at the thrift. Maybe they didn't have very long lifespans????

jek-a-go-go said...

It looks lovely! I made bicuits yesterday morning and would have gladly shard some with you!

Jennifer said...

I've never heard of a bun warmer before - I guess I've got to do some research of my own. Great job finding one and your cover is really cute.

I AM VERY MARY said...

Sadly, I did not accomplish as much as I wanted to either. Dammit.

leslie said...

how cool is that? i love coincidence! hey, where did you go? i am mourning our favorite salvation army!!! so sad its gone, but less "junk" coming home now, ha ha!!