Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hearts on a string (of lights)

*Hopefully* all the recipients of my New Year's greetings have received their packages! I can't believe this, but I did not take pictures of all my (and my pal Jenn2's - hi Mama!) hard work. The basic concept was to take an LED battery powered light strand from Ikea (on clearance for 25 cents after Christmas) and make silver vellum star-shaped light "sleeves" for the recipient to slip over the bulbs that spelled out "Happy 2008" in blue vellum. The packages were wrapped in this adorable silver, red, and blue Cheers wrapping paper I found on clearance at Kmart post Christmas, and tied with a red bow. You can see one of the packages here. Thank goodness for friends that are better than me at documenting things! Oh, and while you are over visiting Telfair, make sure you say hi to Snoopy!

But January is so last month. What is going on now?

I took the same idea and used a heart punch to make the light covers. The word
"Sweetheart" is spelled out using letter punches on a goldy-red vellum paper. This is kind of how I envisioned both this and the New Year's greetings to look - 3-dimensional, free form greetings you could just put in a bowl, or on the middle of the table.

* The winner of the mailbox was Crafty Mom (email me your addy ~ thefeltmouseATgmailDOTcom), and the winner of the heart light strand (nicely wrapped + extras) is....?


Dana said...

OOOOHHHH:) Those are very pretty!!
Was it hard to do? Do the lights get hot at all???

Thanks for sharing:)


Rebecca said...

Love it! I always drool over the light strands with fancy covers (I really want chili peppers for some reason??) but never thought to make my own covers!

I know I've said it a thousand times but you are so creative! I love all of your party favors and crafts. You need a newsletter with crafty project instructions!!

jungle dream pagoda said...

What a great transformation! I have been so out of the bloggy loop! Thank you EVER so for remembering me at New Year,I finally got my camera back and took pics this week! So very thoughtful!
Now ,if I can only find the couple of goodies(I'll bet you know what they are!) I hoarded back for you in the DANG NAB fall! Soon ,I will be organized again!

Anonymous said...


You are to sweet for mentioning me as your craft helper! I am not crafty nor do I blog but to all of your viewers let me just say that seeing you at work is amazing. Your patience and dedication is an inspiration. All I did was was help punch out the letters and Jenn #1 did all the rest. So hats off to you. Hope you are feeling better and hope to see you soon.

Love ya,

Jenn #2

Greta said...

oh my word...girl i received mine yesterday in the mail...that was and awesome mail surprise...thank you so very much!!!

you are the sweetest...can't wait to get it strung up in my scrap room!!! eeekkkkk so excited

Junie Moon said...

I adore the star lights I received and your heart version is just as beautiful. I've been trying to figure out how to photograph the star set so the lights shine. Since you got a great photo with your heart version, I know it can be done so I'll keep trying.

laura said...

super, super cute! i have some red and white strands i bought for someone's wedding several years ago- twenty five cents at Target. Brilliant!!

telfair said...

Snoopy is very appreciative of all of the warm wishes of visitors...