Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cups of love

For the nieces and nephews this year, I assembled these little cups full of Valentine's Day treats

(Contents: cup, straw, conversation hearts, fruit roll-up, Hershey kisses, sticker, eraser, bubbles, Valentine, and heart-shaped container filled with M&Ms)

My cups "runneth over," as you can tell, and some of the items did not fit inside the cup.

It appears I am one niece short, so leave a comment and I will randomly choose a recipient for a little cup of love!


Molly said...

Very Cute! I might "borrow" your idea. Need to send my nephew something for Valentines Day:)

Crafty Mom said...

Those are two cute! Makes me wish I had nieces or nephews! They are very lucky to have such a great Aunt!

Coleen said...

too cute!

Junie Moon said...

The cups are adorable and congratulations to Molly!