Saturday, January 05, 2008

Soup's on!

We're shut in this weekend, due to the weather and the fact that BT has the flu. He is holed up on the couch, shutting out the world as only men with a cold can do (it's business as usual for us, huh ladies?)

To try and coax him out of his cocoon, I decided to make him some chicken noodle soup

I think I may have even saw a smile.

Sorry! Recipe here.


Megan said...

Yum! That looks awesome! Would you mind sharing the recipe, or is it a secret?

Christina said...

That looks so good. I have to go grocery shopping today and I know what I'm adding to the list - chicken soup ingredients!

telfair said...

That looks divine...GB makes a mean chicken soup, too (and coincidentally, he just got over the flu which kept us in for NY Eve.) Hope BT recovers quickly. Cheers!

woof nanny said...

Ah, Tyler Florence. The ultimate! There used to be a product called Grandma;s egg noodles that I loved. They were like homemade, and thickly cut, and they were in the freezer section. So much better than any other option I've found. It's definitely soup weather.