Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Vignettes

Since I won't be doing the monthly holiday displays this year, I needed some permanent decor for the top of our TV unit

I went with a kind of woodsy natural thing. The candle light is from Pottery Barn. The red things in the vase are bobbins.

This house collage was a super thrift find. After looking unsuccesfully all night on etsy for a collage piece that had wood grain in it or used wood in its construction, had the right colors, AND was in my budget, I found this picture the very next day at the thrift store for $3. The turned vase is from etsy. And the frame holds a piece of a favorite fabric.

Some other new displays in the living room ~

All pieces from Target. The antler candleholder was only $2.50 after Christmas!

A bulletin board and shelf to hold all our going out the door crap (usually much messier than this). The bin to the right holds stuff that is ready to go out to the garage. Wall pocket is from Anthro.

A new way to display our games. The rest of the equipment needed to play the games is still stored with our 3 dozen other game, but I hope seeing them like this inspires us to play more games, like we did in the good old days. The Jenga game in the back is mine from high school days. My friends and I used it as a study tool. We would write test questions on stickers and put them on the blocks. When you pulled a block, you had to answer the question in addition to stacking the piece without making the tower tumble.

Finally, this little set of vases from the Target See.Spot.Save section makes me smile every day.


Leigh said...

Everything looks so lovely!

leslie said...

i think our favorite salvation army is gone? i haven't had the heart to drive by and look, probably a big super market is going in, booo! love that dang antler candle holder, score on that one!

Jane said...

Beautiful! Love the wood tones with the red and orange!

Pixie said...

Oh, I just saw those little vases at Target but I was in a hurry and rolled right on by them. AND they were on SALE!

Love the orange and white fabric in the frame!

Greta said...

oh i wish i had a target that wasn't an hour away!!

those mini vases are fab!!

love your fabric frames!! that is a cool idea!!