Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Go Green in 2008 ~ Refashioning

I'm preaching to the choir on this one. There are tons of awesome refashionistas out there that make my minor adjustments to my clothes seem quite insignificant. I guess my point here is that I have been looking at my wardrobe with a more critical eye. Things that seem outdated or over-worn and are ready for Goodwill may have cool buttons, or are made with a fabric that can be used in a sewing project. I don't buy as many clothes as I used to, so what I do buy has to last.

My Mom gave me this sweater for Christmas. I love the style and color, but the buttons were a little too toy soldier for me (sorry, Mom!!)

I think the replacements (from a sweater that was a goner) are more my style

The original refashionista and her Flickr group. And two blog pals, Ms. Lisa-Gabrielle and Ms. Carrie, who continually amaze me with their ability to see the hidden potential in their wardrobe.


Junie Moon said...

Your button replacement was a good idea; I like the sweater but do think it looks better now.

Mom said...

I must admit I hesitated when buying this sweater because of the buttons but now you have made it perfect! Luv ya.

Leigh said...

It is amazing how changing the buttons changed the sweater so much. It is really cute, great idea.

leslie said...

what a great idea!

dessertfirst said...

I love to go "shopping" in my own closet rather than add more new stuff. Yesterday I found a barely worn skirt that I bought at Barney's back in '99. It was really nice except that it was way too long. So I brought it to the dry cleaner to be shortened. It will be like having a brand new skirt.

Pixie said...

Oh! Refashioning! I love the idea...I have so much stuff that's still in great shape, but could use some refashioning and updating. Now, I'm off to search the internet for ideas! Woo Hoooo!