Monday, January 07, 2008

Go Green in 2008 ~ Produce less produce bags

I *know* everyone is on board with reusable shopping bags, right? Old news for most of you, I'm sure. I can't say that I miss the plastic grocery bags. The only thing I really use them for anymore (the ones my hubby brings home, naturally) is taking stuff to Goodwill.

My remaining guilt rested with produce bags. I still "produced" many of those, and didn't really handle them carefully enough to reuse them. I was pretty thrilled to find these at the Japanese dollar store

They are made from the same mesh material as many of the new fashioned shopping totes, like the Target bags. Little windows are attached to the front, and a piece of cardstock was included to write down the contents. I covered the paper in shipping tape to make them like mini dry erase boards. In this way, I can write down the number from the sticker on the produce. The checker will inevitably want to visually confirm the contents are what I say they are. But, at least they won't need to fish around in the bag to look for the sticker. The bags will also add a bit of weight, and therefore cost, compared to the disposable variety but - eh - it's for a good cause.

There are a few reusable produce bags on etsy, and cotton mesh versions for sale on various online sites. And here is a pattern. I suppose the tulle would allow the checker to see the contents more easily, and it is breathable.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn,

This is great info! We have been looking for these but not having much luck. What cool little store did you find these at? I will be down in your neck of the woods next week and would like to pick them up if the store still has them :)

PS: Congrats on the trip! Can't wait to see your pictures.

Thanks Jenn #2

Carrie said...

I found something similar (but white so easier to see) in a local shop here. They are heavier though, so I tend to re-use the plastic ones.. I don't tie knots in them anymore and keep them in my knitted market bag which miraculously I have started to remember to take with me when I shop!

JANET said...

Great idea! I just might go green in 2008, also. :]

African Kelli said...

holy cow those are fantastic! I usually save mine and reuse them, but those are just great.

Jane said...

Ok, so here is a question I have. I am big into reducing the number of plastic bags I bring in. However, I use the plastic grocery bags for trash. We don't make too much trash we usually fill one bag every day-2 days or so. If I don't use those bags (I could easily eliminate them) what green choices do I have? My building requires that we double bag trash, We usually double bag messy stuff like chicken bones and single bag bathroom trash. What do you recommend?

Amy said...

I ordered through Reusable and they had a shopping set that included cotton drawstring bags for your produce. I really love them, but found that they are really ideal for homemade bread too. It keeps the bread from getting so moist and keeps the outer layer nice and crusty. It was cheaper than buying a special bag for my bread and kept my bread tasting fresher.

Anonymous said...

I use these great reusable produce bags: They're pretty sturdy and can be used for all sorts of things!