Thursday, January 17, 2008

Go Green in 2008 ~ On the Go Green

You've seen what I keep in the car. Here are the items I carry around in my saddlebag of a purse ~

~ A travel mug. Actually, the travel mug. It took a few to find the right one. The right size, smaller than the average travel mug (a grande at Starbucks), and totally leak-proof.

~ In case the mug is dirty or if I forget it, I have a coffee sleeve stored in a pocket in my purse. If I can't save a tree, at least I can save a few leaves :)

~ A napkin for use at fast food restaurants. Also can be used as a hanky in a pinch.

~ My fabulous pink spork, also for use at places with disposable flatware. This is probably the coolest thing Walmart has ever sold. The company is Light My Fire. The sporks are Swedish, durable, easy to use, and cost less than 3 bucks. I gave a dozen of these as Christmas gifts this year!

They are small things, but help me feel that I am making a difference.


Carrie said...

Great ideas! I carry a hanky but otherwise that's probably it.. oh except for toddler sippy cups. Perhaps I should get an adult one :)

Love the napkin idea.. did you make it? cute fabric! I got my husband a spork for Christmas and it's been brilliant. Wish I had picked up more!

Di said...

I love the spork - I have quite a few of them = bought in Denmark and Sweden - don't feel so trendy now I know Walmart sells them - but they are great!!

Christy said...

The spork is a super idea! It's something I hadn't thought about before. I'll have to keep an eye out for them.

Anonymous said...

Just washed a travel mug to take with me tomorrow to the local cofee shop. I do take my own cup (weekly) to our campus coffee shop for a smoothie. Thanks for sharing your tips. I just found your blog. I am eager to read what else you will share here.

Marti in Franklin, Indiana