Friday, January 25, 2008

Environmental Myth Friday ~ All is lost

As I sit here on day four of this kick-me-in-the-ass flu, I have no strength to write yet another scathing review of popular environmental practices. Instead, I have optimism. That one day I will be healthy again. And, that it is not too late to save our planet.

(photo from ecoble depicting a proposed, albeit very costly way, to protect glaciers)

I don't have statistics or graphs or anything tangible to offer. Just hope, that by doing what we can, and continuing to make demands to our governments and manufacturers to let them know protecting the environment is a priority for us all, we can get things sorta back on track. After all, everything that might currently be a priority for those agents will be moot if this place becomes Waterworld.

So here's to hoping that using a hanky instead of a tissue will bring us back in line with Mother Earth. Sorry, Mama - you always hurt the ones you love.

(Have you heard of the Gaia Hypothesis? I had a college prof who was really into this. May make for interesting talk at your next dinner party.)


S'mee said...

Jennifer, this theory looks interesting, I will definitely check it out when I have a few more minutes. Thanks! In the meantime, a few of us are planning a SoCAL blogger meet and greet at DownTown Disney on a Friday (date/time will be firm in a few weeks) for lunch, late Feb/early March. Would you be interested in joining us? If you know of any other SoCAL blogger we'd welcome them along as well!

So far it looks like Susan (Strange Pulse) Chronicler, Hollywood (Hollywood Flakes),Melodee (Freak Parade) and myself are definite.

Anonymous said...

My most popular environmental practice - birth control. Fewer people, few problems, or in some cases, no problem. No, this is not popular but when you give it some thought- fewer people, fewer cars, garbage, litter, cattle, houses, fewer everything.

leslie said...

hey jen, so sorry you are still sick. i had the exact same flu bug, about 5 days of feeling so bad i thought i might need to be hospitalized, a first for me! unfotunately it traveled to my eye and is still a tad bit with me today, a month later so be careful with your eyes! dont touch them if you can help it, unless you use a clean tissue (or tp).

and i love all you are doing to bring awareness to our environment, this is something we all need to do together for the long haul. as far as the govenment goes, as long as people are breeding like rabbits (like one of your comments mentions) and buying plastic crap, eating only fast food, buying big gas hogs and wanting a new strip mall on every corner, no government is going to go against the people. we the people need to be responsible for ourselves and get involved, especially on a local level, to look around and make a stand for what is good for our community. i know you do it and i do too, it is overwhelming how many people are clueless to the issues being debated in their own backyard... yikes this is long! love ya jen, get better soon!

Junie Moon said...

I'm so sorry you're still ill and certainly hope you recover soon.

Thank you for all the environmental posts you've been writing. There's so much I didn't know and a vast amount of things I should.