Sunday, January 20, 2008

An Anniversary Date

Yesterday was our 6th anniversary. In light of our Hawaii trip in a few months, we couldn't quite justify going out of town. So we spent the day enjoying the town we love.

First, the gifts. The traditional gift is candy, and the modern gift is iron. I went with modern

(What is it?)

and bought him a driving iron (ha ha). The bag holds golf ball shaped chocolates. BT bunked tradition, and bought me a bouquet of my favorite flowers instead, which are absolutely beautiful and much more calorie conscience than candy

We headed off to downtown LA to eat at Philippe's

Those are not old, outdated signs. Lemonade is 65 cents, and iced tea is 55 cents. Coffee is only 9 cents. The food is regular priced, but the drinks are cheap. But at Philippe's, the mustard is the stuff

This was one of BT's dad's favorite places to eat growing up, so we always miss him extra much coming here.

Then it was on to Chinatown

for shopping and cookie eating.

Our next stop was MOCA for the Murakami exhibit

The wallpapered rooms were out of this world - I wonder what the exhibit would be like on acid...

After that, we headed out to Glendale to eat at the locally world famous Damon's

(somebody needs another drink)

which was definitely worth the drive. And I had no idea Damon's was next to Porto's, which I have been wanting to go to for years. They were closed this time, so I hope another Glendale trip is in our future.

We capped the night off at our favorite local tiki bar. A very full and fun day. Check it out

I guess I am the stuff, too.


Carrie S. said...

OMG - you got to go to Philippe's! I love Phillipe's and have been dying to go! In fact, we keep planning to go on the weekends, and then hit Chinatown, and something always comes up! Dang!

Oh, and Happy Anniversary sweets!

Di said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day!! Happy Anniversary!

Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary! You definitely have to try Portos, they have the BEST spinach croissants & fruit tarts. YUM!

Jane said...

Thanks for the restaurant reviews & happy anniversary! I love the shadow picture. The next time I am out with dh I am going to try that.

upstateLisa said...

happy anniversary! looks like you had a pretty great day together!

leslie said...

happy anniversary! i think this is our year 12... it's a joke between us that i never remember our anniversary or the number of years or any of that. i guess i am just happy to BE happy with someone (just not a numbers person)...

Anne said...

Happy Anniversary!

telfair said...

Oh, Happy Anniversary! You guys look like the happiest couple. I wish you many more years of happy togetherness.

I love tulips, too. :)

Junie Moon said...

Happy anniversary!

jek-a-go-go said...

happy anniversary! i am extra close to Portos so you MUST come up for us to go sback there...oooh the potato balls! also, i have forever been wanting to go to Damon's but never do..sigh...come play! come play! or I can come out to you!

Rebecca said...

What a fun anniversary date! Luis and I have our first anniversary coming up and I have no clue what to get him or what we will do! He doesn't really like "stuff" so gifts are always tough so I was thinking something like a round of golf or a gift certificate which sounds lame but would go with the traditional paper gift. :) Happy Anniversary!

And as always, thanks for the green tips!