Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Year in Review

Thank you all so much for your support over the last year for my monthly displays! It was fun and challenging, but probably not an endeavor I will undertake again in 2008 in such a regular fashion.

Here is a montage of all the displays and where to find the corresponding post. You will recall that there are three consistent elements carried throughout the year - the use of a wreath, decorated branches, and a garland.

First Quarter ~

January ~ All white (extended from previous Christmas)
February ~ Japanese-inspired Valentine's Day
March ~ St. Patrick's Day

Second Quarter ~

April ~ Easter
May ~ Spring/Dutch
June ~ Seaside

Third Quarter ~

July ~ 4th of July
August ~ Five senses
September ~ Back to school/ science

Fourth Quarter ~

October ~ Halloween
November ~ Thanksgiving
December ~ Pink and Aqua Christmas

Let me know which one was your favorite!


Sarah and Jack said...

100% without a doubt, the science one was my favorite.

Ali said...

I have loved seeing your monthly displays go up. The science one sticks in my mind most, but I think it's the first all white one that I love the best.

Wish I had a tenth of your decorating energy.

Megan said...

The science one the most fun, the pink and aqua appeals to me more, but there was something very peaceful with the all white ensemble.

Yes, I have trouble with making decisions.

Coleen said...

I always enjoy your displays, School/science was absolutely the best.Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday.

Gisele Schoene said...

They are all beautiful, but my favorite is the Dutch.

elizabeth said...

oh septembers was the best!
that science spread was pure genius :)

Heidi said...

I've said it before, and even when I see them all side by side my choice is the same--the science one! But I will say that I adore the pink & aqua one too! I tried to do pink & aqua last year and it was pretty, but I think you really achieved what I was going for. Love them all!

Amy said...

My husband just completed our new mantle and asked me yesterday what I was going to put on there. Thanks for recapping all the great inspiration!
I love them all!

juliekintaiwan said...

Oh, I'm so sad to hear it was a one year project, I loved seeing your mantles. My favorites were St. Pats, 4th of July and Christmas. They were all great really. Happy New year!

upstateLisa said...

OOO! tough to choose! I do like the summer ones and fall ones! I think the September display is very cute!@

Diane said...

Wow - they are great! But I must admit I like the Dutch one! But I may be prejudiced! Diane (Vruwink) Carlson

Molly said...

I'm new to your blog, and just found your displays through your index page link. I love them sooo much. I think September was my fave, but I really loved December to. Thanks for the inspiration!