Monday, December 03, 2007

Visions of Sugar Plums

A display for December that is sugary sweet. This idea started waaaay back in April with the acquisition of these ornaments. Actually, it may have started sooner than that, as I had a few *forgotten* items in my Christmas boxes that I bought on clearance last year. Opening those boxes is a testament of how bad my memory is getting year by year...

Anywho, here it is (with a ton of pictures)

(entire display)

(and at night)

(wreath wrapped in tinsel with pink, aqua, and silver ball accents)

(the ornaments in glass containers)

(retro paper figures - from Target, Joanns, and the dollar store)

(paper houses - from Target. Trees from the dollar store)

(snowman "trapped" in a jar)

(cute retro mug from Ross filled with marshmallows)

(sweet treats from Target on a pedestal made from a candle holder from Ross. And a sneak peek of the Christmas tree!)

(pink tree from Big Lots, decorated with ornaments from Target and candy garland from Walmart)

and finally

(the branches painted and be-glittered and hung with crocheted snowflakes from Target)

Pshew! Lots of details on this one. Let me know if you need the source for anything else!


Junie Moon said...

Everything looks gorgeous to me. I'm considering having all your photos enlarged to actual size and pasting them about here and there as though it were really my house--d'you think people would believe it's real? Anyway, I do love what you've done.

Sarah and Jack said...

It's delightful, it's delovely... (have you seen those Kohls commercials? LOL).

You should try some tree bleaching so you have pink and aqua trees.

elizabeth said...

accccck! its gorgeous! its pretty and so yummy! i love, love, love it!!!!

Apple said...

Loverly, loverly!!!
I love the blue and pink. I think some of it could be "recycled" into Easter stuff too. :)

Rebecca said...

GASP! It's beautiful. :) I particularly like that star that says "Jingle" :)

I always forget stuff I pickled up from Christmas clearance the year before LOL

Leigh said...

I love the colors!! To pretty!!

Heidi said...

Once again, you've outdone yourself! It's absolutely charming, and I want to move in. :) I did pink & aqua last year but it was nowhere near as fun as yours is! I have that cute Jingle start too--Love it! I took Sarah's advice and bleached some bottle brush trees and dyed them aqua & pink and left some white. They were really easy and turned out great!

If you notice lots of hits to this entry, it's just me. :) I keep coming back to look at all the goodness! :)

chasingbluebirds said...

pure heaven!

telfair said...

Okay, I know I say this EVERY TIME, but this one is really my all-time favorite!!

Cristina H. said...

So cute!! Your display makes me want to eat lots of candy. What is your Christmas tree theme this year?

mushroommeadows said...

Wow...everything is quite amazing! I love the snowman trapped in a jar. He looks perfectly content to be in there. :)

Anne said...

This display is great...did you buy the little houses at Target this year? I have not seen them. I have a mini obsession with frosted cardboard houses.

The little snowman trapped in a jar is so sweet.

s'mee said...


Merisi said...

I happenend upon your beautiful post because I was planning on using the same title. ;-)
I love how your display looks at night. The marshmellow filled cup (how I miss Target and Ross here!) makes me yearn for good hot chocolate.
Joyous Christmas season to you,

The Rusty Teapot said...

I loVe the Pink, This year I have started to collect pink decorations so I'll be ready for it all next Christmas! love your displays really lovely!