Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Neener neener neener

Sometimes I desperately wish we all lived in the same neighborhood. A place called Craftblogland, where it is perfectly acceptable to drop by unexpected for afternoon tea and a little knitting.

But, I must admit this week I am glad the Long Beach crew* is so small, and we can spoil each other rotten. If dear sweet Evie was busy entertaining a neighborhood of craft bloggers (and you know we'd all be at her place 'cause she makes delicious treats), she never would have time to make me this

I KNOW! Can you believe the incredible awesomeness???

I am still in shock myself. It appears she took the advent calendar sold at Target this year, and completely customized it. She even took off a few doors to add visual interest. All of the images are hand done, people!! The rabbits are my faves

Each door is *of course* filled with yummy treats

and an ornament to hang on the door once that day has passed

I am soooo in love with this! Definitely an instant treasured heirloom. Thanks so much, friend!!

I must share the sentiment included for Day 4:

Take the time to hang out and enjoy yourself. A cool cat like you deserves to!

I guess the uncool cats can work themselves to death for all I care.

Good times...Good friends...

* Leslie - you're part of the posse, too!! wha-WHA! LBC in the house, yo!


life in yonder said...

What a nice surprise Jennifer! What a luck! I can actually read how happy you are and with good reason :-)

Crafty Mom said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! What a nice surprise!

Rebecca said...

What an amazing gift! I love the bunnies, too.

Junie Moon said...

What a wonderful calendar and so amazingly created.

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

This is totally amazing!!!! What a nice surprize!

Mary Ann said...

That Evie, she is one superfly chick, isn't she? Crafty.

Jane said...

Amazing! I looked at that at Target and passed it by thinking it didn't really go with my other stuff. The thought to customize never would have occurred to me! Just amazing!

Leigh said...

What a lovely surprise!!! The sentiment is wonderful!!!

elizabeth said...

oh my!
that is the bestest thing ever!!!!!

so jealous over here!!!

leslie said...

wow! that is a real piece of artwork there! very crafty! i missed the boat on the advent calendar this year, oops! maybe we can do a countdown like 12 days before... "the twelve days before christmas advent calendar"or something convenient like that. just making it up as i go along over here!

thanks for letting me into the posse! i am honored!


eviedee said...

SO SO happy and relieved that you like the calendar! I must confess that it came from a thrift store.(It was the kind that they sell at Target, only cheap and in need of paint and repair.) I totally lucked out in finding such a great canvass to work with. :)I REALLY lucked out in finding a fine friend like you, Merry Christmas!