Friday, December 07, 2007

God Jul

The tree is up!

A Swedish theme this year to celebrate the hubby's heritage. Lots of red and white and folksy goodness. Most of the ornaments are store bought

including online stores

or thrift finds

from Ikea

(note: I took the 48 pack of red bulbs and modified some with white lace)

and a few *vintage* family treasures

But, there are still a few handmade ones - including some thrifted embroidery kits I completed (this tree and gingerbread house below)

a woven paper heart, and linen ornaments inspired by a featured collection in the December Country Home magazine

It all works together to make a very soothing and relaxing tree. If only I had a fireplace to curl up in front of to sit and admire it.

God Jul!

Past theme trees:

2006 - Scrap craft
2005 - Tropical
2004 - Cowboy


Cristina H. said...

My favorite tree yet!! It looks beautiful.

Jenny said...

Absolutely beautiful! Great job!

Junie Moon said...

A gorgeous tree and ornaments! I love the way you've honored your husband's heritage with your theme.

poopscape said...

I've got a lot of Scandinavian goodness on my tree that my family acquired when we lived in Norway. Thank scrod my mom kept all that stuff!

Shanna said...

so pretty! i love to see your themed trees! did you see that KMart had some REALLY cute Scandinavian-esque ornaments? they were all sold out online otherwise i wouldn've ordered all of them!