Thursday, December 20, 2007

For her naked tree

My gift to Ms. Evie Dish this year

An altered tree skirt. The red felt base was purchased at Target for $5. It's so basic you even have to cut your own hole! I then adorned it with white and then silver rickrack, and added fabric ornaments outlined in white felt. A few sequins and voila!

The Hot Dish and Felt Mouse families traveled together to see the Charles Phoenix Holiday Jubilee slideshow last night. That guy is so funny, and knows all the right folks. Including the owners of this menagerie

Holy light up gingerbread! And those hip to Charles will recognize his famous Astro Weenie Christmas Tree sitting next to Pikachu. This year's version was sweet and savory, with donut holes and cocktail weenies.


Sarah and Jack said...

The tree skirt is so cute! (I cannot imagine why they didn't just cut the hole though.)

eviedee said...

I can't tell you how much I love that skirt! In fact, I think that the tree will remain naked and I will wear the skirt instead! ;) Thank you so much sweet friend!

Rebecca said...

That came out great! I WANT ONE. Seriously, good job. I love the fabric ornaments. Oh and for the record I love cocktail weenies, too.

Happy holidays, friend!

Di said...

The tree skirt is great!! I like the decorations surrounded in white felt!

Leigh said...

Great job on the tree skirt, it is wonderful!

leslie said...

cute skirt! i need to get together with you girls sometime!


Jane said...

Love it! I was just in Target hoping to find a tree skirt and they are completely sold out! Next year, I will get a head start on this project. Great idea to embelish a pre-made one. So much easier to get the circle right.