Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What's sillier than a muff in southern California?

The fact that it is for a little girl turning one year old

So not going to happen, I know. But, I found a little scarf at the dollar store, and had an aha! moment about how cute a muff would look with this sweet sweater and blanket combo. I cut the end off the scarf to make it. And it does look cute, albeit totally useless.

And now my niece has a little brother. I know what you are thinking - wow. That's how it goes sometimes. For Samuel, I made a little bunting

We're still waiting for this little girl to make her appearance. Auntie tally: 5 nephews and 4 nieces!


Sarah and Jack said...

When I was a little girl I had a furry white muff like that. Oh how I adoreD that thing!

Those are lovely gifts.

eviedee said...

So darling, you are the best auntie EVER! (MABYE even better than my own auntie who I adored because she always gave me art supplies for my birthday.)

Stephanie said...

I love both the muff and the bunting! I've been looking for ideas on what to make my nephews. That bunting is perfect!

African Kelli said...

Not only are these adorable, but I am considering starting a "girls should by rule wear more clothes in Southern California" club. We are so feeling the full SoCal effects in Phoenix and it is tanned, under dressed and hard to compete with when you like sweaters.
So, go for the muff! I love it.

woof nanny said...

Those both so seriously rock, Jen.