Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tiki Invasion!*

It seems awhile back, I mentioned how we have been of the mindset that our items for our tiki room should come to us by chance. Something at a thrift store, or an item we find at a tiki event that we cannot live without. I would have never taken us for the types that would (ahem) buy somebody else's tiki room IN TOTAL and attempt to merge it into our own.

(rattan shelf, a collection of books by Thor Heyerdahl, and new mugs)

But, that's exactly what we did. BT scoped out the goods through a garage sale listing. We showed up an hour before they were scheduled to start the sale, and asked the sellers how much for everything. A price was given - much much less than what it all was worth. Meanwhile, another tikihead came up and started nosing around. We turned to the seller and simultaneously said - ok - we'll take it. All.

(box o' tiki)

Most likely there are a few folks on Tiki Central who have uttered ancient curses in our names.** But...the deal was way too good to pass up!! Our tiki room is wall to wall stuff at this point, and quite overwhelming. Most everything was still in boxes at the sale, so we're not even quite sure what all is here. Treasures uncovered thus far include multiple carvings, some vintage and even a couple of artifacts, nautical lights and floats, stools, rattan furniture - you name it, we've got it!

(my little girly corner. We are considering making the bust into a lamp.)

It's difficult to explain to the wannabe grandparents why our extra room is being used to house dusty old relics versus serving as a nursery for a baby. I can't say I have an answer for that one. But, I think we have officially left the "passing fancy" hobby stage. I believe tiki is here to stay.

(wall tikis)

We are working to get everything settled before our weekly Friday Night Drink Fight (more on that another time). Meanwhile, we have been hearing strange noises coming from the tiki room. We think it is this guy

(we call him Ishi)

We hope that he gets used to his new pad soon, and forgives us for our selfish goal to have the most kick ass tiki room of all time!

*No not this one...though it would be nice if they put it on again!

**We didn't feel too bad in our selfishness, as we had been cheated recently at the Lava Lounge closing sale. (btw - the replacement bar, The Woods, is pretty sweet. And we'd never miss an opportunity to go to Mashti Malone's.)


Sarah and Jack said...

haha, awesome. I love other people who aren't afraid to just buy the whole darn thing.

elizabeth said...

how fabulously lucky were ya'll!!!! and you know how happy i woulda been to have been doing a garage sale and someone came up and asked how much for everything.

but girl ya'll lucked out.
i love everything and can't wait to see the unveiling of the tiki room.

leslie said...

good job! i would have been that person right behind you, a second too late. oh well! our hawaii trip didnt unearth any cool tiki stuff for you (all the "tiki" we saw was labeled "made in the philipines" sort of a bummer) but i dont feel so bad now, you got a whole room full of great stuff. love the bust and all the dusty stuff, thats the best kind. this might make up for our favorite salvation army closing too!


woof nanny said...

Dude! My jealousy knows no bounds. That bust alone...
My computer may crash again for all the drool sloshed over the keyboard.

eviedee said...

Don't take this the wrong way but I desperately want to come over to your house and riffle through all of your tiki things. You scored BIG TIME!!

DivaDeb said...

Hmmmmmnnn...maybe you could tell those 'hopeful grandparents' that one of those Tikis is a fertility just aren't sure exactly which one it of course they all must stay!

jek-a-go-go said...

love the room and love Mashti's...have you been to Pink Pepper? it's our favorite Thai place...sooo good! Haven't been to the lounge in 11 years, and now it is kaput. Sigh.

jungle dream pagoda said...

AWESOME !!! How completely kyewl(much too cool for a plain cool!)!!!
Yes absolutely a lamp out of the lovely lady!!!