Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sweet Treats

Usually the day after Thanksgiving, we try to do something fun with my parents. For years, we went to Disneyland. It seemed like a secret good day to go there - I guess everybody else was shopping, or traveling. One year, however, the secret got out. The place was packed - overflowing, really. Disneyland wasn't prepared for it either. We saw a sign in a food stand that indicated the expected attendance that day was 35,000. It was actually 65,000. There was trash everywhere, and the bathrooms were a mess. At Disneyland - Can you imagine?

So, no more theme parks for us.

This year we had a difficult time thinking of anything to do. I think we all needed a day to just relax. The boys tinkered on their computers, and the girls made treats. Like caramels. I have professed my candy making skills in the past, and this batch was no exception. Buttery and sticky sweet. I cut all the little wrappers myself, too, 'cause I'm crazy like that.

I think I missed my calling. Any small towns out there in need of a requisite candy store?


Kathy said...

yes yes! we need a candy shop!! Caramels are my favorite, although I've never made them. Yours look amazing! Care to share your recipe?

Heidi said...

I love homemade caramels! I remember my mom making them at Christmas and my sister and I would do the wrappers. Yum!

leslie said...

my mom and i made candy after thanksgiving too, i remember caramels and taffy (using her betty crocker recipes). seemed a bit dangerous looking back on it now (all that boiling sugar) but what fun! i love my pot holder too! oh, and we went to disneyland on mothers day year after year until one year the same thing happened, too many people and they weren't prepared. they ran out of food and there was trash everywhere, crazy!!!

elizabeth said...

fork over that recipe chickie!!!!!

they look so yummy my mouth is watering just looking at them :)

Jane said...

Hard to imagine a dirty Disney. I bet it's hard to staff the Black Friday. Too bad. We went to the Reagan Library. OMG! Mobbed! Still awesome. We saw the exhibit of Nancy Reagan's dresses. Pretty cool.

I am drooling over your candies! Yum!

Anne said...

We need a candy shop too!

Shopaholic D said...

those look yummy! if you opened a shop in my town, i'd def buy some goodies from you!

:) D