Friday, November 09, 2007

If Drawers Could Talk

Today I did the nicest thing for myself that I have done in a long time - I had my bathroom super cleaned! I have spent months agonizing over the the continual build up of soap scum in the tub, dirty grout, and the mold collecting on poorly applied caulk. My cleaning efforts felt superficial - like I was only cleaning the surface, but not the grime underneath.

I figured it was time for the professionals. I feared that the situation had passed regular maid service level, and required those familiar with cleaning up after bad renters (insert sheepish grin). BT called in a favor with one of the vendors at his work, and this a.m. my two fairy godmothers showed up. Surprisingly, they came with only three bottles of cleaners, but carried a giant bag full of scrubbing pads and rags. I guess their secret is muscle, not some sort of noxious chemical cocktail. After an hour, everything was sparkling clean (as clean as an 80-year-old bathroom can be, anyway). I tried as hard as I could to convey in espanol how much their work meant to me.

Highly recommended if you're striving to get control again of a bathroom that has gotten beyond your control.

Before I put everything back in its place, I decided to reline the drawers and shelves. Ripping off the old shelf paper (and several layers stuck to it) reveled this cute as can be vintage paper

First of all, I was floored that the inside of my bathroom drawers are painted pink. I open this drawer every single day, but somehow missed that I had this wonderful chippy paint/ shabby chic thing going on in here (of course, the drawer is usually accessed pre-coffee, so I am not totally awake).

Cutting and measuring shelf paper, I started making up a story in my head. About a woman, Francie, who lived here 60 years ago, and loved her little home so much. She loved everything about it, really except - well - she had really had her heart set on a pink tiled bathroom, like her next door neighbor Mabel. The baby blue was nice, but just too - boyish.

On the way back from buying groceries one day, Francie stopped at the hardware store and looked at paint. So many choices! But there it was - the perfect shade of pink. She bought the paint, and brushes, and all the other accessories recommended by the nice associate. She got home and realized she may have been too hasty. Despite wanting a pink bathroom so badly, she knew painting the walls pink would look rather odd with the existing tile. Ok for a nursery, but not for the bathroom she shared with her husband.

But she couldn't let all this paint go to waste! She already was feeling guilty for spending the money on the paint - what would her husband say? He would be even more mad, though, she thought if the paint was not used. So, she set to work painting the inside of the cabinets of the bathroom. Maybe not everyone would see her attempts to have the feminine bathroom she always dreamed of, but she knew what was inside those drawers. And it made her happy.

P.S. I bet Francie was a much better housekeeper than me...


Jenn Maruska said...

I love your Francie story!

Leaves me wondering what other secret endeavors she left behind : )

Woodmouse said...

Cute story! I love thinking about people who may have lived in my old house when see reminders left behind like that.