Wednesday, November 07, 2007

An easy one

So nice to have a holiday display done so early in the month!

Pretty much the same as last year's display. Plus this craft project.

So happy to see my big Tom Turkey again!

I think T-day is going to be pretty low key this year. Probably just my parents and us. I am using the current Real Simple menu as inspiration - a lot of good recipes plus intriguing variations. I'm considering using these for favors.

What are your plans?


Jane said...

Love the favors. With a small group they are pretty reasonable too. We are having my in-laws from NY for a week. I have to work, so hopefully they will do a lot of the cooking ahead of time. I love to make the turkey so I hope they save that for me. I still want to have a hand in it. Not too much decorating. I basically did fall instead of Halloween this year.

Love the Give Thanks card banner. Easy to store which is key for me.

Emy said...

We did Thanksgiving last weekend. No decorating, the same menu as last year, but oh so good. I'm glad we did it early because there's no way I could do it with loaner dishes. They don't exactly give you fancy stuff or specialty pans.
And we had time to eat the leftovers. We'll most likely celebrate again, but much simpler, either going to someone else's house or a restaurant.

PS. Your display is lovely. This may be my favorite ever!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man, I love those acorn boxes. Must resist. (But why doesn't she mention how big they are on the website?)

Heidi said...

I love the wheat sheaves! Where did you find the wheat? It looks so pretty all tied up with that red ribbon.

We're doing dinner here at my house and my family is traveling from the next state over to be with us, just like last year. I love being able to finally host a holiday in my home--I'm a real grown-up now! LOL I adore my family and can't wait to see them.

Those boxes are darling--I went into Mike's earlier this week but they hadn't put out the Christmas stuff, even though it's available online. Maybe next week.

Rebecca said...

I love it! What did you use for the background (brown) paper in your giving thanks project? I'd love to give that a whirl myself.

I recently thrifted a wicker cornicopia and I'd like to make it in to some kind of centerpiece . . .

eviedee said...

I ALMOST bought those very same acorns yesterday! I halted about three feet from the register as I had no real reason to purchase them. :) Love your display, especially the "Give Thanks" paper project, adorable!
My plans for thanksgiving are to be thankful for an entire day dedicated to Christmas decorations!

Junie Moon said...

Everything looks lovely at your house, so wonderful for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the one (and only) holiday for which I don't decorate as we always spend half the month in Florida with my husband's family. So I take down Halloween on Nov. 2, do another big clean, and then when we return we decorate for Christmas. So, it's fun to see your Thanksgiving decorations in lieu of being able to do it at my house.

Jennifer said...

Hey Heidi - The wheat is from our local grocery store. It was out with the gourds and pumpkins.

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Always happy to see your lovely decorations.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Great display !!! Mine T-day decor is up too,and I really like it this year!