Monday, October 01, 2007

Trip Details

(In stream of consciousness fashion, roughly in the order we did things)

Night 1: found hubby and our hotel (we felt so cosmopolitan meeting up in a *foreign* place) :: explored Chestnut ::
dinner :: local dive bar (naturally)

Day 1: Breakfast at a bakery (novelty for us) :: walk to Crissy Field :: walk to Palace of Fine Arts :: then to the Presidio :: then Golden Gate Bridge :: then Fort Point (they are all further apart than they seem!) :: bus (thank goodness!) back to Chestnut for lunch :: nap :: on to Chinatown and sushi by boat

shopping :: moon cakes :: fortune cookie factory :: cool bars :: walk before dinner :: higher and higher and higher still

back down to the very excellent Chinese restaurant next to the one with the long line (can't imagine how much better that one is) :: a little lost :: kept on walking :: uh - isn't this Union Square?:: double back :: ah - here's what we were looking for

tropical drinks, dancing on a boat deck, indoor rain shower, tiki decor, and a band floating on a lake all contained in a fancy hotel ~ magical

Day 2: Haight+Ashbury :: lunch :: walk through Golden Gate Park :: deYoung Museuem :: Japanese Tea Garden :: Japantown :: (I like L.A.'s Little Tokyo better) :: shop :: found the hotel we will be staying at next time we visit :: dare we foot it back to our hotel (in the Marina District?) :: ok - worth the view

that amazing architecture everywhere you look

delicious local ice cream (from a liquor store of all places) :: and nest :: short rest :: bus to Ghiradelli Square :: Kara's cupcakes (chocolate topped with pink sea salt - who knew?) :: Fisherman's Wharf :: dinner :: Pier 39 :: rowdy sea lions awake at night :: no cable cars for us this trip - we're beat!

Day 3: home :: already dreaming of our next trip to SF when we can explore some of the spots we liked more thoroughly...have time for shopping at the craft stores I mapped out...sleep beneath manga characters...


Anne said...

This looks like so much fun - and that drink looks great.

amandajean said...

sounds like a wonderful trip!

san francisco lauren said...

it *is* better :D House of Nan King right?

I am glad you had fun, its a fun place!

eviedee said...

Wow, you did SO MUCH with the time that you had! AWESOME!!

leslie said...

oh man, i thought day 1's description was the whole weekend, you did so much in so little time!


woof nanny said...

I'm fascinated by the cupcake with the sea salt. Leave it to me to pick out the food comment, lol.

Scarlet Tanager said...

Wow! What an awesome trip.

Felicia said...

Looks like a fabulous trip :)