Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thrift Thursday

As so many of you seem to be having such great luck at thrift stores lately, and since it was *officially* Thrift Thursday, I headed off to my neighborhood thrift store.

(Vera linen tablecloth ~ $2.99)

Not my favorite thrift store, mind you - the one near South Central which I only visit during weekdays and wonder if I should be packing heat. Or if I will have a car to come back to with my thrift finds. That one requires some mental planning before I go, but always results in awesome finds at incredible prices. Nope - today's finds are instead from my convenient thrift store.

(Wooden Polish Joli dolls ~ in a bag full of 8 vintage ethnic dolls for $9.99)

Now, my convenient store has treated me well over the years. I have found pieces for my seasonal displays, and occasionally score large bags of fabric for $2.99. For the most part, however, the store is picked clean of anything remotely cool (damn Ebayers) or has ridiculously priced items (closer to their perceived worth versus a price to just get stuff out of the store).

(Another wooden doll from the bag)

I'm happy, but not ecstatic over these finds. Should I press my luck tomorrow and go hit the scary store?


mb said...

i just Looove these!!! I picked one up about a year ago thrifting,but had no knowledge of their origins.

If you are interested you can see her on Flickr under creative photography

Thanks so much for sharing these

Junie Moon said...

They are great finds and I love the different dolls. Sure, visit the scary store--you never know what you'll find if you go, but you'll wonder what you didn't find if you don't go.

Sarah and Jack said...

Maybe I am too late, but I say that if you have the urge to hit the scary store, then do. Usually when a particular thrift is *calling* me, it is for a reason! LOL

I love those wooden dolls, I was looking at dolls like that on Ebay for awhile.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Hit the scary store!! ...but wow I LOVE those dollies!

Elizabeth said...

Several of the good thrifts stores here are also in gritty sections of town. On the plus side, I've never been hassled. I think it's worth a try to go. You will probably find some choice items.

Barbara said...

I also got two of these dolls and did not know much about them until today.
I got mine at a thrift store also. one dollar each