Tuesday, October 09, 2007

*September* Care Package

Oh so close to getting caught up on the care packages to My Missionary! I figure if I can bust out a Fall/comforts of home package before the end of this month, it will be smooth sailing for the rest of the year.

So here we go

The theme was: how much Halloween crap can I stuff inside this envelope?

See what I'm up against? Technically this is breaking the rules, as the envelope is supposed to be less than 1/4" thick or something insane like that. This measly thing costs $11 to ship (flat rate). This package actually might have cost less had I used my own packaging, but I am so tired of getting surprised at the P.O. with higher shipping rates that I expected that this is the method I am sticking with to send the rest of his packages.

The pumpkin "detailer" (i.e. knife) may be a little iffy to send through the mail. But, if it makes it through, I thought Tim might find something fun to carve with it, if not pumpkins. Like a cassava root. And who wouldn't like a selection of mustaches to choose from on Halloween day?

Note: I found this interesting article about Halloween in the Philippines.


Scarlet Tanager said...

Love the fake mustaches!

Junie Moon said...

Great package for your missionary and I love the mustache idea.

Heidi said...

It all depends who you get at the PO counter, doesn't it? I have a few friends there who know me because I come in a couple times a week.

Karen Ross Smith said...

I'm loving your blog and your flickr photos! Thanks for sharing all your crafty goodness!