Friday, October 26, 2007

I can't see for miles and miles

Coming in to Los Angeles

This Smoke Soup goes for literally hundreds of miles - over the mountains and into the deserts. Way out over the ocean. The bad air is trapped under an inversion layer, and got even thicker and murkier as the plane came in for a landing.

You could follow the air stream carrying the smoke up to where I was in Northern California (business trip), and then it headed east towards the Sierra Nevadas. So, a little present from California is probably coming your way soon!

It was soooo good to catch a break from the smoke! My co-workers and I spent a good five minutes breathing in lungfuls of fresh crisp air. Coming back, I got a bloody nose on the plane - I've probably only had one or two bloody nose in my whole life. There's no telling what long-terms effects this week will have on all of us.

We have heard from most of our family friends in San Diego that were evacuated, and it appears that they are all home now safe and sound. The air does appear to be a little better today. Relatively speaking. Somehow Mother Nature manages to fix our mistakes. But why do we tax her so?


s'mee said...

I love your blog so much. I am hoping to comment more often, and begin with, "I am adding you to my blog roll, Thanks!"

African Kelli said...

Yep. The grayness has invaded Phoenix. It is the least we can do -- host your smoke. Southern California remains in my prayers.

Rebecca said...

:( What a mess. It reminds me of post 9/11. I moved to NYC 6 months after the attacks and lived downtown. I wiped black greasy grime off my window sills for over a year that was a result of ash still raining down on the city. :(