Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for the shout outs from Craft:, Apartment Therapy, and Poppytalk about September's science display! It was a challenging month to come up with something to use for my seasonal display atop our entertainment center, but it ended up being one of my favorites. Now the books have all been returned to the library, and the lab supplies were gifted to friends that are hosting a Halloween party this year.

On to the October display

Pretty traditional - a little on the vintage side (without employing any vintage elements. No luck finding those, even at the scary thrift store).

Actually, a surprising number of things you see here were from the dollar store, including the votive holders, masks, the Happy Halloween cut out in front of the masks, and the flocked mice on the mirror. The rest of the store-bought items are from Michaels, Cost Plus, or Marshalls.

I made the wreath using (over-priced) Bethany Lowe paper fringe and ribbon bows. Since the fringe was so flippin' expensive, I covered the wreath form with orange crepe paper, and only used the orange and black fringe on the front of it (versus wrapping the fringe around the wreath like I did with this one).

I bought a couple of Lori Mitchell's pieces for Christmas, and now I've added the charming moon faced fellow (behind the candy corn) to my collection

(the cupcake is a Fakey Cake from Jek!)

I made the table covering using polka dot fabric and a felt pennant banner. I was too lazy to pull out the glue gun, so I stapled the flags to the ribbon (that's pretty lazy). I spray painted the branches (they're baaaaack!) black, and added a pompom garland

Hope you are enjoying decorating your house for Halloween!


telfair said...

Wow!! You've really outdone yourself this season. Every time I see one of your displays, I think "that's my favorite" until I see the one for the next season.

Sarah and Jack said...

So which store were the cat and witch buckets from? I don't think I have seen them anywhere here...

(And is it just me or is the Target Halloween disappointing this year?)

Junie Moon said...

I think it all looks great. I love decorating for Halloween--I'm just a big ol' overgrown child about this.

Rebecca said...

It looks great!! I love your wreath. I always admire that crepe paper. :) I was lucky to score a few Martha Stewart craft items on clearance at Michaels, maybe I need to put up some Halloween decorations this year. :)

Kimberly Ann said...

What cute halloween pieces! I love vintage halloween (or reproductions) when I can find them.

Kristie said...

Oh I love your ideas. So cool! The wreath is the greatest. The garland is so pretty too. Thanks for sharing.